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10 Tips To Feel Fresh

Matt Thompson Sep 21, 2019
In order to make yourself feel fresh and comfortable for the whole day you can practice these 10 tips. All of these tips will help you to lead a stress-free day, every day, and eventually a stress free life.

Move and Stretch

The very first thing you should do after waking up from he sleep is some exercise. You can do brisk walking, jogging and stretching. These will make your body as well as your mind productive and fresh.

Face the Morning Sun

Before starting the day face the morning sun for few minutes. Your nerves and senses will be recharged by the morning sunlight instantly. Morning sunlight removes lousiness and make your senses brighter.

Maintain a Balance Diet

Maintain a balanced diet is really significant for making yourself energetic and fresh. A balanced diet will supply proper nutrition to your body that will make you energetic.

Sleep for 6–8 Hours Every Day

An adult needs sleep for 6-8 hours every day. A good sleep in the night is essential if you want to keep yourself crisp and dynamic for the whole day. An ideal sleep helps the brain and nerves to become more active.

Take a Hot-Cold Shower

According to research, a hot-cold shower emphasizes your senses and helps to make yourself fresh for the whole day. The combination of this bath takes away all your laziness and hence makes your self brighter than usual.


Start your day by giving at least five minutes to meditation. It will have a significant difference for your mind, body, and soul.

Don't Skip Breakfast

The most important source of our energy is the breakfast before we start our day. So, never miss your breakfast. If you miss the breakfast, you are sure to feel tardy and lazy the whole day.

Eat at Least One Fruit Daily

We all know that fruits have a lot of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants. They are a very essential part of our diet. So, eat at least one fruit daily to feel fresh.

Laugh With All Your Heart

A good laugh is really necessary to bright up your moment. Laughing helps reduce stress and sadness. This means a good laugh will keep you active and energetic for the whole day.

Use Cooling Towel

You might be surprised that a cooling towel can soak up extra heat from your body when you are exhausted. Excess sunlight makes you frazzle. Let the cooling towel absorb heat from your skin, so you feel fresh.