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3 Things You Should Know About Medicare

Retirement is a time where you get to spend more time with your family and doing activities that you love.
Modern Times Mar 28, 2019
Medicare is a great retirement resource, though it may be a little confusing.

A federal healthcare insurance program for individuals over 65 years of age, Medicare is an opportunity for you to receive secure healthcare throughout your retirement.

The Cost

Divided into three different parts, Easy Medicare covers hospital services, doctor visits, and drug costs. This means that there are different aspects you'll have to pay for, and each comes with its own costs.

You can pay for these different services as an all-in-one package or separately. And, part of your costs will be calculated based on your own income.

Get Access to Preventative Services

As healthcare evolves and looks to cut costs without devaluing care, healthcare professionals are becoming more focused on preventative care.

With Medicare, you get access to numerous free preventative services. This includes free wellness visits to work with a physician on a personalized prevention plan.

When Should You Sign-Up?

If you're already a beneficiary of Social Security, you're automatically enrolled in parts of Medicare at the age of 65, not all aspects of the program.

If you're not starting Social Security, you have a seven month enrollment period that begins three months before your 65th birthday and ends three months after.
Medicare is a service that'll provide you the necessary care you'll rely on when you're retiring and no longer working. You're more than available to pick and choose which services you'd like or choose to forego the service all together.

However, it's there as a service for you. It's there to help you as you transition into this new, exciting period.