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3 Ways to Care for Dry, Cracking, or Hurting Feet

Kevin Devoto Oct 24, 2019
Taking care of your skin has always been the most common advice given to battle the signs of aging and keep you looking your best. You know how to treat the skin on your face with care. But what about your feet? Here are three suggestions to get you started with a foot care regimen that will ease and prevent your sole problems.

1. Keep Your Cool

Steamy showers are relaxing and can have a positive impact on tired, sore muscles. To a lesser extent, your skin can benefit from a little warmth, too. But overdoing it with every cleanser can have a negative impact on your body. Try to limit your skin’s exposure to high water temperatures and develop a habit of keeping your water warm instead of hot.
Your skin will better retain its natural moisture and will help to prevent the feel and appearance of surface skin dryness. Remembering to apply lotion to your feet along with the rest of your body after your shower is also a great skincare habit that will keep your skin free of painful cracking.

2. Amp Up Your Arsenal

Most of us need help when it comes to improving the appearance of our skin. Applying a quality cream or lotion to your feet will give you an extra layer of soothing moisture that can make a big difference for your skin.
Not sure what kind of care product would work best for you? Luckily, you can find a lot of helpful and in-depth reviews with a simple internet search. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by options, looking for high-end and professionally recommended products like DermalMedix on Instagram can provide you with details and guidance.

3. Find Your Best Fit

Taking the time to shop around and research expert advice for shoes that fit your feet and provide you with the most comfort and support is a great way to care for the health of your feet. An ill-fitting shoe can deprive your skin of the breathing room that it needs in order to stay in good condition.
Lack of air, stresses the skin and can cause dryness and friction that can lead to excessive moisture loss damage to your skin. Damaged skin can eventually lead to experiencing daily pain from cracking feet can take a toll on your ability to easily walk or perform basic standing tasks, like working long days or playing sports.
Providing a barrier between the skin and materials that shoes are made of can also soothe pain. Choose a natural material such as cotton when you wear socks. The fit of these can be just as important as the construction of your footwear. Regular restriction that can be caused by these extra garments could spell trouble with blood circulation and skin health.

Don't Slack!

As with any routine, consistency is essential. Think of your skincare as carrying the same importance as a workout program. Allow yourself the time to plan and perform the tasks necessary to get results. While your feet may not be seen, feeling healthy and comfortable in your skin is a big part of well-being.