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5 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation Over Burial

Cremation is steadily catching up to more traditional burials and is seen as a promising alternative for many.
Modern Times May 4, 2019
Planning for one’s death is never a simple task. While the actual arrangements are most often handled by family members, many choose to detail their wishes for how arrangements should be handled once they’ve passed and more and more, cremation is becoming a preferred option.

It’s more affordable

One of the biggest draws of cremation services is that they’re generally much more affordable than traditional burial arrangements.

Since it doesn’t require a grave, a headstone, or a casket, cremation is typically 40 to 50 percent cheaper than burial on the whole.

It offers simplicity

In a time of grief, organizing a funeral can be complicated. Services can involve viewings, ceremonies, processions, burials, and wakes, and all of that can be a bit overwhelming for the family members of the departed.

Cremation bypasses the need for many of these steps.

It’s more eco-friendly

A traditional burial often involves harsh chemicals from the embalming process and takes up a fair amount of space in the earth.

That’s why cremation is a favored alternative for many environmentally conscious individuals. It leaves a much smaller carbon footprint, and technology is working to further reduce emissions from the process.

It’s more personal

Whether the ashes are to be stored in a ceremonial vase on the mantel or scattered at the departed’s favorite spot, many aspects of cremation are much more intimate and personal when compared to burials.

It’s their choice

While there’s no shortage of reasons why one might choose cremation over a burial, ultimately it comes down to personal choice.

No matter how an individual chooses to be celebrated after their passing, their wishes should be respected and honored to the fullest.
Burial procedures will always have a place in the world, whether it’s for religious reasons, cultural traditions, or personal preferences.

However, cremation is a sensible alternative for many individuals, and is an option worth considering in either a living will or funeral arrangements.