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5 Vitamins and Minerals Your Mouth Needs

Modern Times Apr 1, 2019
Healthy teeth and gums requires good nutrition. Many people think that, as long as they floss and brush regularly, they can keep their mouth healthy. But that’s a huge misconception. If your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs, your mouth will show it.

In addition to getting quality dental services, your diet can be the most important factor for oral health. Here are some essential vitamins and minerals required for your mouth.


This probably comes as no surprise. Calcium is the main building block for strong bones and teeth. In fact, this is where almost 100% of your calcium intake is stored.

But, if you don’t get enough of it from your diet, your body will start to take the little bit it needs from your skeleton. The average person needs about 1,000 mg of calcium per day.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D acts as a calcium booster. It helps your body absorb the essential mineral efficiently so that your bones can retain their density.

Vitamin C

Most people think that, vitamin C is just for fending off a cold. But this essential vitamin also aids in keeping your gums and soft tissues healthy. This is one of the best defenses against gingivitis and loosening of the teeth.


You may not even realize that you need phosphorus or you probably need to consume some, every single day. Phosphorus can be found in seafoods, beef, cheese, pork, and many other things.

Phosphorus is another important calcium booster that helps your body optimize its absorption.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps your body block harmful substances that wear down bone tissue. And it also boosts osteocalcin in the body, which is a natural bone-strengthening protein.
Proper nutrition is just as important, if not more so, than anything else you can do for your oral health. But it’s also important that you receive the best dental care available.

It’s helpful to check with a health information exchange organization before choosing a dentist. And consult him or her about proper nutrition for a healthy mouth.