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5 Ways You Are Damaging Your Spine on Daily Basis

Priya Shetty Aug 20, 2019
Here are 5 common ways how you are damaging your spinal cord without your knowledge! To avoid stressing your spinal cord, it is essential to keep a healthy lifestyle and routine.

Unsupervised Exercise

It is essential to understand the right way to do multiple exercises such as lifting or sit ups. Otherwise, muscles in the back may be stressed and the spinal-cord may be damaged over time.

Maintain Proper Posture

Maintaining proper postures will let you protect your spinal cord. Checkout how:

1. Sleeping Posture

It is regarded as safe to sleep on your back or left side. Sleeping on the stomach, however, can put stress on your spinal cord.

2. Standing Posture

Stomach leaning forward with shoulders down can cause stress to the spinal cord. This may trigger continuous back pain over time.

3. Sitting Posture

Sitting postures can have a major impact on your back. Sitting on a chair that has a straight back or attempting to construct the habit of sitting separately is suggested.


Stress leads your muscles to tense, and this type of continuous tension can trigger back pain.
Activities to reduce stress may include yoga, meditation, biofeedback, profound respiration, tai chi, etc.


Smoking is well known to increase your risk of heart disease and cancer, including cancer of the lungs and colon, but most people don't understand that smoking can also cause constant back pain.

Routine Unhealthy Diet

A constant intake of too spicy or unhealthy diet can strain your nervous system, creating issues in the back.

Avoiding Medication

Avoiding a doctor's visit or medical care is nothing but damaging your spinal cord. Correct diagnosis of the pain and treatment is very important. For appointments with best neurologists and spine specialist in Chennai, visit to Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai.