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Adjusting to New Glasses

Stephen Rampur Mar 3, 2019
Adjusting to new glasses can be just a matter of a week or two, or even less in some cases. However, you need to follow some tips on getting used to new glasses, which are discussed below...
Eye problems are one of the most commonly found issues in adults and older people. A majority of the diagnosed eye problems are treated with new glasses or lenses.
In many cases, due to a change in the eyesight after using spectacles, there is a need for using another type of glasses. In these conditions, there is a lot of pressure to the natural eye lenses, for which the eyes have to adjust according to the glasses.

Adjusting to New Glasses

Many people wonder as to how much time it would take to adjust to new glasses.
You must know that the adjustment time depends on the type of prescription and the eyesight condition. Sight is a result of the eyes and brain working together in coordination.
If you are using glasses for the very first time, or are shifting to a different prescription, the brain has a hard time providing a clear sight immediately. As a result, there are many problems, one of which is a headache.
A good way to adjust to glasses for the first time is to wear them as much as possible. This may take about a week's time. It may take longer if you have shifted from one prescription to another. There are some tips that you need to follow if you want to adjust to the new glasses. Have a look.

Wear New Glasses Properly

The very first thing you need to keep in mind for adjusting to new glasses is to wear them properly. The angle of the lenses should be according to what is set by the doctor. Wear the glasses in a way that make the center of the lenses come right in front of the eyes.
Also make sure you select the right frame, especially if you are getting the glasses changed the second time. A good idea is to choose a frame just like the earlier one to aid in a proper fit. Note that a polished frame may give out glare which can increase the time needed for adjusting to new glasses.

Wear New Glasses All Day

This is the most important guideline for adjusting to new spectacles soon. Eye specialists usually recommended wearing the glasses throughout the day.
This makes the brain coordinate with the eyes to get familiar with new glasses. Do not keep putting them on and off after a certain time. This variation in sight may cause disorientation and headaches.

Move Your Head, Not Your Eyes

If the new lenses are multi-focal ones, to see sideways, you should move your head and not your eyes. This will make the eyes adjust to the new glasses. If you are experiencing frequent headaches, you should stop using the glasses for that moment. Wear them again after the headache is gone, but do not discontinue their use permanently.

Avoid Wearing Old Glasses Often

Ensure that you do not get back to your old glasses, just because you are finding it hard to adjust to the new ones. Doing so will simply delay the adjustment time substantially, and may worsen your eyesight. After you have the new spectacles, pack the old ones and store them away.
In some situations, switching back and forth between the old and new glasses have surprisingly been beneficial. After using both glasses over time, reduce the use of the old ones. Doing so may lessen the effect caused by a sudden shift, making your eyes gradually adjust to new glasses. However, you should talk to your doctor if it is okay to do so.
Cleaning your glasses regularly contributes a great deal to clear vision, which also helps to adjust to the new specs. When sleeping, keep them safe in the case. Even after following these tips, if you are unable to adjust to the new glasses, it is suggested to see the ophthalmologist. You might need to recheck your eyesight, and get a new prescription.