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Adult Cloth Diapers: Incontinence Pads

From being environment friendly to economical, adult cloth diapers are a convenient option for those suffering from incontinence.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Jun 4, 2018
An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from the problem of incontinence, which refers to the inability of controlling one's bladder and bowel. It is a distressing and embarrassing problem that can affect one's social and personal life. This problem is found both in men and women.
Urine is maintained in the bladder due to urethral pressure that exceeds the bladder pressure. In case the bladder pressure becomes larger than that exerted by the urethra, involuntary release of urine may be caused. This is known as urinary incontinence.
Such an imbalance may be caused due to a number of reasons. While weak pelvic muscles could be one of the causes, incontinence may also be the result of certain medical conditions like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, injury, or a stroke.
Of the various urinary incontinence products, using incontinence pads is a convenient and discreet way of dealing with the problem of incontinence. These pads come in two varieties. One is the disposable type, and the other is the reusable variety made from cotton.
A comparison of cloth versus disposable diapers show that both have their advantages and disadvantages. While for most adults, traditional absorbent pads work fine, those with heavier urinary leakage need to use adult cloth diapers. Unlike traditional disposable pads, these are made of pure cotton material that allows the skin to breathe.
These cloth diapers usually come in various shapes, sizes, and fabrics. The cotton cloth in the diapers allows the air to circulate. This causes evaporation of the moisture and loss of heat that may build up in the area. This prevents the soft skin from breaking out into a rash.
Another advantage of cloth diapers for adults is that they are washable and reusable. These cotton diapers are a good option for people with heavy bladder leakage. Although disposable incontinence pads are more convenient and easily accessible, those with serious incontinence problems can save a couple of hundred dollars by using washable diapers.
However, a drawback with these diapers is that one has to use plastic cover-up pants to prevent leakage out of the cloth diaper, as these do not come with the waterproof material that is used in case of the disposable diapers. Many companies also provide reusable diaper soakers or diaper doublers with adult diapers that increase it's absorbency.
Environmental Concern
The advantage that cloth diapers have over the disposable ones is that they reduce environmental concerns. Disposable diapers are made of non bio-degradable materials that make a considerable contribution to the landfills in the country.
Those that keep the environmental factor in mind, advocate the use of the reusable cloth diapers, which reduce the problem of waste that cannot be disposed off by microbial action.
Adult cloth diapers are a good alternative for those who suffer from allergic reactions to the chemicals present in the paper used to make disposable diapers. Being less noisy, cloth diapers provide a convenient and quiet dignity to an individual. Due to their utility, the demand for these diapers is on the rise.
Manufacturers are coming out with better varieties of these diapers. Although there are diapers that are held in place with pins, there are those in the market that come with an elastic band that ensure a snug fit.
Despite the cotton material being used, diaper rashes are a common problem. Our health is in our own hands. To ensure proper health, diapers should be changed regularly and the skin should be allowed to dry completely before using a new one.