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A Marvelous Explanation of the Aging Process in Men

Aging Process in Men
Aging process in men and women works at different pace. In men, it causes a sense of insecurity about the future, just as it does in the case of women. To know more about this unstoppable biological process that affects our life, read on.
Shrinivas Kanade
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
One fine morning, while you are standing in front of a mirror, combing your hair you suddenly notice a gray hair. This makes you reflect that you are aging. Is the sign of the aging process working at full blast, in your case? No, surely not. The recent studies show that men reach their peak around 25 years of age. It is important to pause and reflect what kind of shape you will be at 60 plus years of age. Isn't it time when you are planning to retire and enjoy the hard-earned fruits of your work? Knowing about the aging process will help you adjust your lifestyle to the challenges thrown at you by your advancing age.
Aging, especially in men, has always been related with the decrease in mental and physical functions. It brings physiological changes in the body. Men, in their middle age, do bulge around the middle due to accumulation of a lot of unburned fat and lack of exercise. The process does not treat all the men in the same way. The day you notice a gray hair standing out among the rest of your black hair, you may observe your boss, who is senior in age to you, darting from one place to another, as if he is a 16-year-old kid. This may make you wonder, how this chap is managing to stay so fit, at his age.
Eating right kind of food, becomes not only important to remain healthy, but it also becomes a necessity. It is the first step in staying fit, when you are facing the uphill task of resisting the male aging process. Studies show that food, high in fiber, high nutrient contents and containing less saturated fat, helps in losing extra weight. It is most beneficial in avoiding obesity and keeping the problems related with it at bay. Diet that includes green vegetables and antioxidants containing fruits is most helpful in neutralizing the cancer causing free radicals.
For many of the elderly people, keeping appointments with their doctors become a part of their monthly schedule. In some cases, the senior citizens have their lives adjusted according to these appointments. If the cause of the visit to a doctor is not one of the heart conditions, then it is obesity, arthritis or diabetes, which they have acquired during aging. It is most important to avoid these health disorders, by keeping a tab on what kind of food you need to eat and avoid indulging in. These abusive substances and habits such as smoking, alcohol and drugs to name a few, heavily contribute to the aging of a man.
Exercises, even at the moderate scale and as simple as taking a brisk walk, are helpful in keeping your heart beating normally and pumping your blood to extremities efficiently. You must be aware of, the rising mortality rate because of cardiovascular diseases. A balanced diet and regular exercises combination is necessary to give cardiovascular diseases a slip. In addition, the exercises relax you and promote mental health, by reducing stress which is inherent part of the daily struggle. This is the natural treatment for aging in men that you are so worried about.
Fertility is another aspect of life that is affected by the gearing up of the aging process in men. Studies show that men are reproductively most active in their thirties. If you are crossing the threshold of 40 years of age or are 40 plus, it is important to know that the enlargement of prostate affects (a health problem not as openly discussed as that of cardiac conditions), as high as 50% of people. Speeding up of the aging in men, coincides with the falling production of the testosterone, male sex hormone, levels of which keeps on declining in the male body. This results in decrease in the sexual drive and related problems.
Mental Health
Acceleration of the aging process in males gives rise to psychological problems such as depression, lack of motivation and mood swings. It also creates memory or recollection problems, which along with the rest of the conditions, can undermine your confidence and make you unsure of yourself. If you are going through this dilemma, then reassess your goals, limit them if it is necessary, and focus on achieving them with a positive frame of mind. After all, you would not like to be a healthy and active, but penniless senior citizen.
You cannot hide yourself from the aging process because it is hard-coded in our genes. It is natural to age, however, it is important not to let your mind be a place full of cobwebs of negative thoughts. See the sunny side of every day, like women do. It is a known fact that men age quicker than females. The subject is being studied seriously. However, it may be due to the fact that women are positive minded and believe in taking care of themselves no matter whether they are young or old. Take care, eat healthy, take plenty of walks and age slowly.
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