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Aging Process in Women

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 27, 2018
Aging in women differs than that of in men in more than one ways. Along with physical changes, several psychological and social challenges too take place as women age. Keep reading to know more about such changes as well as challenges women face while getting older.
One fine day, you wake up in the morning and gaze at your reflection in the mirror, when the brutal truth hits you in the face. The laugh lines have increased in number and appearance, the gray hair are too many to count, and the wrinkles are just too difficult to miss.
Are you aging? You'd rather not answer that question. The answer to this question is just so difficult, if you are a woman. However, one must understand that aging process in human beings is natural, and every mortal soul has to go through it.

When Women Age...

Women are naturally obsessed with their looks. It's as if physical appearance is the only thing that matters to them in the world. Obviously, when the first few physical signs of aging show up, their world shatters to pieces.
Being the more sensitive gender, the emotional and psychological changes that accompany aging are difficult to cope. Aging brings about changes on the physical, psychological, and social front of a woman's life.

Physical Challenges

Menopause is the word that immediately comes to our mind when the words 'aging' and 'women' are uttered in the same breath. A woman's life is divided into two phases: premenopausal phase and postmenopausal phase.
The hormonal changes in the body invite many aging problems. The body starts losing out on bone mass and muscle strength. These weakened bones often result in osteoporosis and arthritis, which accompany the woman throughout the remaining life.
The skin becomes sunken and sallow, and eventually, wrinkles begin to appear. The immune system is no longer able to produce sufficient anti bodies, thereby making the body susceptible to various illnesses. Most vital organs show diminished performance, which affects the entire health of the lady.

Psychological Challenges

Again, menopause is the buzz word here. The hormonal changes during menopause bring about the plethora of behavioral changes in a woman. The very fact that they are no longer fertile, is enough to send many women in depression.
Emotional insecurity haunts their mind, due to the fear that since she is no longer physically attractive, her spouse may not love her. She may become extremely moody and irritated, as she may not be able to cope the many changes that happen all at once in her life.
Lastly, there is this daunting feeling of aging, that she somehow relates with the 'end'. However, some optimistic women may take this as an opportunity to fulfill their unaccomplished dreams, and lead a life the way they always wanted to.

Social Challenges

During the aging phase, women's social life entirely depends upon their own attitude towards life, and most importantly their health. Some women, due to their poor health or some other reason, may completely shut themselves away from the world. While the other, more outgoing group, may engage themselves in community activities, or some hobbies and interests.
Most women in this age group are financially settled, and have a family that is no longer dependent upon them. Thus, this period poses a golden chance for them to live the life their way.
Aging is an inevitable natural process, and there is no treatment for it. Although, it is true that women face much different challenges than men, the key to fight problems related to this crucial phase of life, solely depends upon their perspective towards life. If she decides to age gracefully, nothing can deter her from leading a beautiful life.