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An In-depth Discovery of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pakmines International Feb 21, 2019
Here is a brief information on Himalayan salt lamps. Let's find out what they are, where they come from, what makes them special and a few things about owning them.

1. Himalayan Salt Lamps - What Are They?

The name itself explains that these lamps are salt crystals that come from the Himalayas. They come in different shapes, weights and sizes. The inside is hollow and a small low wattage light bulb is fitted within. They plug into an electrical outlet. Some lamps include a dimmer switch depending on the manufacturer. These lamps are supported by a sturdy base.

2. One of a Kind Salt Piece

These natural shape Himalayan salt lamps are truly unique. No lamp will look the same because they are naturally formed and are not man-made. The texture, color, feel and weight of each lamp will be different. If you want to display something unique in your home, then the Himalayan Salt Lamps fulfills this criterion.

3. Hard to Ignore Salt Lamps

These lamps are so unique and look so different from your ordinary lamps that they become conversation pieces when people see them. It's hard for people not to notice them and ask what these things are. You'll have fun talking to people about these lamps and sooner or later they will be asking how they can get one of their own.

4. Health and Medical Benefits

Many people claim that having these lamps around the home has helped them reduce or eliminate their allergy or asthma problems. They feel the air in their home is cleaner or fresher. Cigarette smoke, pet odors and other indoor pollution problems have disappeared. People feel that the glow of the light soothes and relaxes them as well.

5. Impressive Tips for Users

For those who believe in the air purifying properties of the Himalayan salt lamps, suppliers say 2 lbsĀ of the salt is enough to purify an area 10 square feet. So, a 2 lbs Himalayan salt lamp is big enough to purify the air in a 10' x 10' size room. In addition, the suppliers recommend leaving the lamp on 24/7 to purify the air.
Some users have noticed moisture on these lamps. The salt attracts moisture in the air. They recommend placing these lamps over a towel and in extreme cases, place them over a shallow tray or pan to catch the water that drips. Then drain and wipe away the moisture when required. Leaving the lamp on may help reduce the moisture on the surface.
Keep in mind that when you buy these lamps, the weight is quoted as a range. Only nature can decide how much these lamps will actually weigh, and what color they have. So, what you actually get may differ from any photos.
You can find a huge variety of unique salt lamps offered by the leading Himalayan salt lamp suppliers in Pakistan.