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You Can't Miss Out These Great Aspects That Complete Your Life

It is said, that succeeding in all aspects of life in a single lifetime is nearly impossible. But a person who tries, certainly gets all the happiness in life.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
All the aspects of life are related to our emotions and feelings. Our environment and surrounding, that includes our family, friends, school, and work place, help us shape our ideologies, principles, and ethics in life. The religion and community we live in form our faith and beliefs. It also forms our notions about right or wrong and good or bad. All these things are related to human feelings and these feelings make us what we are. The socialization process we have undergone is influenced by the economical, psychological, and cultural conditions that shape our personality and create our identity. These various things are basically the epicenter of our life, which distinguishes humans from animals.
The quantum aspects of life cannot be measured, they just differ in degrees for each individual. Some people may regard a few aspects as important and may want to achieve success in them.
Family Life
Family is the basic and foremost aspect of every human being. Every person's goals are generally driven towards a happy family and well-being of all the family members. Family relationships give us the feeling of belonging and a sense of security. Your family can consist of your parents, or your spouse and kids, or both. People generally feel more warmth and love towards their family members.
A career is also a crucial aspect, as it is directly related to our financial condition that determine our living standards. A good mix of progress, career opportunities, and job satisfaction makes a great career that adds to our happiness. Our work also makes us independent and self-reliant.
Money Matters
Our economic condition also determines our socialization process and standard of living. Unfortunately, it has become an important aspect of human life. All the so-called luxuries and comforts can only be bought by money. Though we say money can't buy everything, it certainly makes our living better.
Social Life
Community consists of people living in the same geographical area. People living in the same community generally have a similar lifestyle and cultural background. Similar rituals and practices bring people closer. A human being always wants to do something nice for his society and his countrymen, as he/she feels strongly for his community. After all, the beauty of life lies in giving and a sense of belonging.
Health and Wellness
Your health determines the quality of your life. To enjoy the goodness of life, it is important to have a good and healthy body, mind, and soul which will double the joy of living. This is the reason why they say 'health is wealth'.
Friendships and Relationships
Friends are an integral part of our lives, be it school, playground, or office, human beings are known to make acquaintances. Many times, an acquaintance can turn into a lasting friendship. The things we cannot share with our family can be shared with our friends. Friends make us a part of their lives, giving us a sense of appreciation.
Leisure Time
Entertainment - be it hobbies, passions, or sports - relives stress and rejuvenates the mind. Listening to music, watching a movie, or attending a social event can serve as recreation. Our lives will be boring and monotonous with only work and daily routine, so a little bit of recreation will give us a chance to express ourselves and help us appreciate worldly creations.
Religion and Spirituality
Spirituality may not be related to any of the world religions. It is about your faith, beliefs, and inner peace and harmony. Spirituality connects you to non-tangible things that bring immense joy and satisfaction to those who believe in it. It is about searching for the meaning of life and bringing a balance between real and spiritual life. Some people do not believe in the spiritual aspect but many associate spirituality very close to their heart, which determines their goals in life.
All these aspects inspire and motivate us to pull through in the toughest situations. All these aspects bring meaning to our lives and become the reasons to live. Though we change and grow over time, as that is the rule of nature, these various aspects make life enjoyable and worth living.
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