Average Resting Heart Rate for Men

The resting heart rate for men is said to indicate the heart health for men of all ages. Read on to know more...
WellnessKeen Staff
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
The ideal time to calculate resting pulse rate is early morning; immediately after waking up from night sleep.

The heart is an organ that works continuously, right from birth until the death of the person, without resting for a second. Hence, when evaluating the overall health of a person, it only makes sense to evaluate the heart health as this is an excellent indicator of the overall health of a person. So, what is the average resting heart rate for men? Before we go on to answer this question, let us know what exactly is the heart rate. Well, heart rate is the number of contractions that the heart makes in a minute to pump the blood.
Resting Heart Rate in Men
On an average, healthy resting heart rate for men lies in the range of 65 to 70. In most cases, the normal resting heart for most people is usually around 72 beats per minute. However, as a person ages, more often than not, especially in cases where the man begins suffering from hypertension, he usually ends up with a high resting heart rate. Given below is a chart showing ideal resting heart rate by age for men.
Age RHR for Athletes Awesome Excellent Very Healthy Healthy Below Average Poor
18-25 49-55 56-61 62-65 66-69 70-73 74-81 82+
26-35 49-54 55-61 62-65 66-70 71-74 75-81 82+
36-45 50-56 57-62 63-66 67-70 71-75 76-82 83+
46-55 50-57 58-63 64-67 68-71 72-76 77-83 84+
56-65 51-56 57-61 62-67 68-71 72-75 76-81 82+
65+ 50-55 56-61 62-65 66-69 70-73 74-79 80+
How to Calculate It?
The heart or the pulse rate is easy to measure. One just has to count the pulse or number of beats per minute to know one's heart rate. However, since you are trying to calculate the resting heart rate, you should ideally be lying down while taking the readings. Calculating the heart rate immediately after workout or a rigorous physical activity might give you a faulty reading that doesn't fall in the range of resting heart rate. Below are the steps to follow while calculating the resting heart rate in men:
  • Locate the area on the body where an artery comes close to the skin. It can be the neck, underside of your wrist, temple area, top of the foot, groin or area behind the knee.
  • Let us assume that you are using the wrist for calculation. Now, place two fingers (preferably the index finger and the third finger) of the other hand very gently, on the artery. Avoid using the thumb since it has its own pulse, which might confuse you.
  • Now with the help of a stop watch or the second hand in the wall clock, count the beats for 30 seconds.
  • Double the number of beats you got in your result, which will give you the pulse rate for 1 minute.
Lower Heart Rate is Good
The lower a person's resting heart rate, the more likely it is considered to be a good resting heart rate. In fact, if you were to see the resting heart rate for athletes, you will find that it is quite low. The reason why a low resting heart is considered to be healthy is that the number of contractions are lower per minute and so, this means that the heart is managing to push out more blood with each contraction. This translates to more blood and oxygen being circulated in the body while there is less amount of workload on the heart. And athletes manage to achieve this kind of healthy resting heart rate by constantly trying to up their fitness levels.
The heart rate is an important indicator of heart health as mentioned earlier. You don't really need a heart rate calculator to know what your heart rate is. So, try to evaluate your heart rate and see if it fits into the normal resting heart rate or not. And if it doesn't, then try to increase your fitness levels, which will definitely reflect in your heart rate, in the due course.