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Things You Should Know About Beaded Medical Alert Bracelets

Parul Solanki Nov 20, 2018
A beaded medical alert bracelet is the perfect way to make a fashion statement while providing lifesaving information in case of an emergency.
Cool, funky, fashionable, and lifesaving? A weird combination but that is what beaded medical alert bracelets are all about. Not only do they make attractive style statements for men, women, and children, but also provide vital lifesaving information. Initially designed only for diabetics, these beaded bracelets now offer other medical information as well.

Importance of Medical Bracelets

Not many people realize the importance of having vital medical information, in hand, in case of an emergency. In a condition where every second counts, wearing the appropriate medical alert device can help inform the medical staff about your condition. This will enable a quick evaluation or resuscitation.
There are also cases when symptoms of common ailments may be misdiagnosed, for example, a diabetic who has passed out on a hot day may be treated for heat exhaustion while he may actually be in a diabetic coma. A brief description of the vital medical facts ensures appropriate care at the right moment.
All medical jewelry feature an official Universal Emergency Medical Alert Symbol designed by the American Medical Association (red, blue, pink, or engraved).
You can also choose to have an engraving of your choice giving vital medical information about medical conditions (Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Autism), food or drug allergies, patient and / or doctor's name, contact phone number, or any special medical instructions for EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians), doctors, or nurses.
Medical alert bracelets are also effective as a protection against potential medical errors which may occur at the time of admission and discharge from the hospital.
As a matter of fact, many emergency responders look for a medical bracelet or an emergency ID. By wearing medical jewelry you may actually save your own life. So regardless of the age or condition, medical bracelets are a must for everyone.

Medical Bracelet Designs and Styles

While safety should come first, who says that your medical bracelets have to be dull and drab? There are a range of unique and creative designer medical bracelets available today. You can choose the beaded bracelet which appeals to your taste and style.
So whether you are a jeans and t-shirt girl or the skirts and high heels type, beaded medical bracelets can be made to suit your personal style. And it is not just the women, even men can personalize and wear bracelets befitting their style.
A child can be targeted by his peers for wearing a medical alert tag which marks him off as "different". However, with a beaded bracelet, they will have something that they can show to their friends with pride and at the same time keeps them safe as well.
The eclectic collection of beaded medical bracelets available in the market feature many styles. Unique combinations can be made using embellished swirl Bali beads with contrasting silver beads and crystals or you can try a coral and turquoise bead combination.
All the bracelets can be worn with or without a medical tag. The beads on the bracelets are designed to be interchangeable. So, with a change in the outfit or your mood or simply the weather, you can change your medical bracelet. You can even choose to make your own beaded jewelry.
For those wanting to create the ultimate statement, there are the more expensive variants of beaded medical alert bracelets available. These are made using high quality materials like Swarovski crystals, natural stones, and sterling silver. So go ahead and choose a stylish beaded medical bracelet that you would be proud to wear anywhere, anytime.