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Benefits of Cutting Down Smoking

Benefits of Cutting Down Smoking

Reading about the benefits of cutting down smoking may help you quit smoking completely, and live a tobacco free healthy life. Reading this article might serve as the first step towards quitting smoking, so take a look.
WellnessKeen Staff
Only smokers know how difficult it is to quit smoking, or even cut down on smoking. But many people who have successfully quit smoking will vouch that quitting smoking is not impossible. With right medical guidance, immense will power, and changes in lifestyle, it is possible to quit smoking within few weeks or months, period. To add to your motivation, and inspire you further, it would be helpful to know about the different health benefits that you would be able enjoy after cutting down or quitting smoking.

Health Benefits of Cutting Down Smoking

The first and foremost benefit of cutting down smoking is that you may be able to quit smoking completely. Yes, there are many people who decide to quit smoking gradually, instead of quitting it completely one fine day. You can start with smoking half the cigarettes you used to. For example, if you used to smoke five to six cigarettes earlier, lessen it to three to four and then after few days go as low as one to two, then stick to one per day, and then give it up gradually. This slow and steady process helps you deal with withdrawal symptoms efficiently, and helps you keep up with your commitment to quit smoking. Throughout this process, apart from withdrawal symptoms, you will observe many positive changes in your body as your body starts repairing the damages and hazards caused by smoking. Some of the prominent health benefits of cutting down smoking are as follows:
  • More than 95% of smokers carry the risk of suffering different types of cancers, such as oral cancer, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and bladder cancer which are one of biggest dangers of smoking. So cutting down on smoking can help you reduce the risk of aforementioned cancers.
  • A chain smoker is vulnerable to suffers from various lung disorders, such as, bronchitis and lung infection. The toxins in the cigarette also makes the immune system weak, making a person susceptible to respiratory infections as well. So, cutting down on smoking can help you control these infections and strengthen your immune system.
  • Cutting down smoking helps you keep heart diseases at bay. There is a direct relation between smoking and fatal heart attacks. Smoking is known to increase the blood pressure drastically and unnaturally, which may put a strain on the heart, which may lead to a stroke or fatal heart attack.
  • Women can suffer from wide range of fertility and obstetric problems due to smoking. Smoking before, during, right after pregnancy, can have adverse effects on the physical and mental development of the fetus and the newborn. Hence, cutting down on smoking can help women have healthy babies and lead a balanced life in future. Not only women, but fertility in men can also be challenged due to smoking as there are many studies which prove that most chain smokers suffer from infertility.
Apart from these, cutting down smoking can help in several other ways. The risk of suffering from thyroid diseases, Graves' disease, poor blood circulation, peripheral vascular disease, pneumonia, asthma, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, leukemia, and gangrene would reduce significantly. You also will be able to achieve better oral hygiene, and can easily get rid of bad breath, stained teeth, mouth sores, loss of taste, and receding gums. You will also notice a striking improvement in your appearance as the texture of your skin, hair, and eyes will improve. These were just a few of the benefits of cutting down smoking, and once you quit smoking all together you can enjoy many other benefits.

According to smoking statistics, time cut down from one's lifespan is approximately equal to the time indulged in smoking. So, one of the biggest benefit of cutting down and quitting smoking is that you will have a lot of time (which you used to spend smoking and thinking about smoking) that you can invest in doing something constructive!