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Unbelievably Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early

Benefits of Waking Up Early
Why do we need to wake up early? What are the healthy habits to be followed? Does waking up early really make you 'healthy, wealthy and wise'? Find answers to all these questions here; we dwell on the benefits of waking up early.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
I am reminded daily of Amanda from Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie, all thanks to my darling mumma, who wakes me up to a very catchy phrase, 'Rise and Shine, rise and shine!'. I sometimes wish brother Sun never woke up, just so that I could sleep a bit longer, but then my granny's words hover around to taunt me and I have no other option but to wake up early and reap in the benefits of the early morning.
I bet most of you are already aware of the advice, that come through grandparents and elders, some being, 'early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise' and 'the early bird gets the worm'. It's not like I am totally against the policy of waking up early, I sure am aware of the benefits of waking up early, yet at times, I can admit to being a tad too lazy to throw off my sheet and walk on the lawn barefoot. Nevertheless, with all due respect to elders and people who have researched on the benefits of waking up early; boy, I must say, they are justified in more ways than one, while suggesting that we rise early.
Why Should You be an Early Riser
Refreshes Your Mind and Body
As they say, rising early gives you an edge over those who are late risers. One of the most important factors of waking up early is that it gives you quality 'me time'. Waking up early provides a fresh new start. How is this possible? Of the foremost benefits to your body and soul, waking up early:
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✰ Refreshes your mind
✰ Calms your senses
✰ Reduces your stress levels
✰ Energizes your body and mind
✰ Makes you proactive
Brings Nature Closer to You
Rising early gives you more time for yourself, and for those around you. It has been observed that those who wake up early are more inclined towards following a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of walking barefoot is known, especially on a lawn covered with early morning dew more so, as it has a soothing effect on the body. Waking up early gives you an opportunity to:
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✰ Witness nature's beauty
✰ Observe moments of tranquility and silence
✰ Genuflect and reflect
✰ Concentrate better
✰ Increase your productivity
Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body
This is something that you can do only if you have peace of mind, and for peace of mind what would you need? Serene surroundings or a spiritual quest? Nah! You just need to wake up early, find a peaceful spot in your backyard and you are transported into a kingdom of bliss and solitude. Things you can do in the morning that only spells benefits for you include:
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✰ Meditation
✰ Exercising
✰ Yoga
✰ Simple deep breathing
✰ Walking your dog
Paves the Way for Success
Early risers are known to be opportunists; as per statistics, people who are successful in life are known to be early risers. Waking up early, incidentally, gives you an opportunity to be punctual as well as make the most of any given situation, at any given time. Want to know what else you can do being early? Here goes ...
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✰ Helps you to be optimistic
✰ Heightens your creativity
✰ Helps lead an active and energetic lifestyle
✰ Lower levels of stress and fatigue experienced
✰ Aids in developing a balanced personality
Makes You Cheerful
Isn't this the amalgamation of everything stated above? If you are an early riser, your body is happy, your mind is happy, and your spirit rejoices. Why so? That's because your body is refreshed, your mind is recharged and your spirit gets what it longs for; some quality 'me time'. And a happy body will obviously result in a happier and blissful you. Want some proof? Waking up early is known to:
cheerful girl
✰ Make you cheerful
✰ Make you peaceful
✰ Keep away stress
✰ Allow you to stay focused
✰ Keep you satisfied
Helps Cultivate Good Habits
Apart from making you wise, rising early is also said to make you develop healthy habits. I have already mentioned how waking up early results in cultivating a healthy body and mind; here I would like to specifically mention the wonders it does to discipline you. When you wake up early, you automatically:
Woman doing yoga
✰ Eat your meals on time
✰ Exercise your body right
✰ Fall sick less often
✰ Sleep sufficiently
✰ Remain healthy for a longer time
Besides all the above benefits of being an early riser, you can also skip traffic snarls and be the first at your workplace, thus putting you in a better position than your colleagues. Now's the time and now's the day to start leading a healthy lifestyle! Adiós, my early birds, go catch some worms! (wink)
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