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Best Essential Oils to Use for an Enriching Sauna Experience

Best Essential Oils to Use for Sauna
Sauna is a great way to relax, both physically and mentally. Adding essential oils will add a rich aromatherapy experience to your sauna. WellnessKeen brings you the best essential oils to use for sauna.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Approximately 1 qt. of water can be extracted from the body, in a 20-minute sauna session.
Sauna baths have many benefits. They improve the immune system, provide relief from muscle tension, tone the muscles, and relax the body. This sweat bath also increases the metabolism, blood circulation, and detoxifies the body. Sauna is also effective in improving overall mood and mental state. The benefits of sauna can be increased, when added with the rich and soothing experience of aromatherapy. Essential oils that are used in aromatherapy play a major role in a rejuvenating sauna experience.

Essential oils when mixed with water and steam, get readily absorbed in the skin. They reach different tissues and the lungs via the bloodstream. They relax the mind and body. Certain aromatic and essential oils are best suited for a great sauna experience. The following enlists the best essential oils to use for sauna. Let us take a look.
Best Essential Oils for Sauna
sauna bath
Using essential oils in sauna is also beneficial in terms of hygiene. It will disinfect the sauna while also giving you a rejuvenating therapy. Remember that essential oils are very strong; hence, they need to be diluted before use. Mix a few drops with a liter of water. Spray this on the rocks or sauna stones, benches, or other surfaces. You can also use this water mixture to ladle the coals of the sauna. You can experiment to see which oils please you the most; however, there are certain essentials that you must not miss.
Peppermint Oil
peppermint oil
Peppermint oil makes a great muscle relaxant. It helps treat sore muscles and muscle pain. It is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, as it also reduces inflammation and joint pain. The scent of peppermint has a healing effect. It is known to heal emotional pain and bring a sense of peace. It also eases headaches, abdominal pain, fever, and nausea.
Eucalyptus Oil
eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus is a highly recommended essential oil, due to its many medicinal and therapeutic properties. It has a fresh and clean aroma that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Eucalyptus helps in relieving pain. It is also beneficial to clear sinuses, congestion, and ease respiratory issues.
Tea Tree Oil
tea leaves
Tea tree oil is an excellent antiseptic, which greatly benefits the skin. The aroma of this oil is fresh. It stimulates the immune system, fights viruses, and is an antiseptic. It is also known to effectively treat sinus infection, hair and skin problems like dandruff and acne.
Lavender Oil
lavender oil
Along with a mesmerizing scent, this oil has medicinal benefits too. It relaxes muscles, and is an antiseptic, antidepressant, and analgesic. The scent of this oil also helps treat common colds, coughs, insomnia, migraines, and influenza. The oil also benefits the healing of burns and wounds. The best thing about using lavender essential oil is that it relieves anxiety and stress.
Pine Oil
pine oil
Pine oil has a relatively sweet and woody fragrance. It helps in energizing your senses and releases stress. It has low toxicity and easily blends with most oils. It has excellent skin cleansing properties. The medicinal properties of this oil also include alleviating discomfort caused by breathing problems, infections, and other respiratory issues.
Sandalwood Oil
The exotic fragrance of sandalwood is deeply relaxing. It has a woody scent which creates harmony in the body and mind. Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. It is beneficial to treat muscle pain and spasms. It stimulates the immune system, encourages sleep, and is very helpful in treating skin problems. This oil also has antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, and astringent properties. Sandalwood is also known to be an aphrodisiac.
Birch Oil
Birch reminds one of the traditional sauna scents that are used in Finnish saunas. The aroma of this oil is therapeutic to pain, and it relaxes all the bodily functions. It is beneficial for relieving minor body pain, aches, and illnesses. Birch oil is also an antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, a detoxifier, and disinfectant. It is excellent to alleviate pain due to rheumatism and arthritis.
Citrus Oil
citrus oil
Citrus has immense cleansing properties. So, if you are planning a sauna bath, to begin your day, citrus oil is the best choice to awaken your senses and get back your energy levels. Citrus detoxifies your body from the inside out. A regular sauna session with citrus essential oil will help in easing pain. Citrus oil also has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac.
It is important to note that essential oils are extremely potent. They are concentrated, so they must always be diluted before use. Never use undiluted oil directly on the sauna surface. Always use it after it is diluted in water. Check for allergies before you use these oils. Sauna is a relaxing experience, and with the use of essential oils, the benefits definitely multiply!