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Calming Techniques to Help You Find Inner Peace

Rujuta Borkar Mar 12, 2019
Calming techniques bring about a stress-free life and are essential for all individuals who live in today's demanding times. You can practice simple techniques like meditation, exercise, and positive thinking to keep anger at bay.
Life is not how it once used to be. Humans have moved to a new era that comes with advances in all fields imaginable. But the advancements in technology, science, and other fields, have required us to pay a price with our mental peace.
We seem to be gripped with heart diseases, stress, anger, and other ailments. In such a scenario, mastering certain calming techniques helps a lot in dealing with stress and negative effects that the demands of life force upon us.
These techniques help reduce the harmful effects of these ailments by providing the much-needed peace and calm that is essential for our mental well-being. Having mental peace is essential for our very existence, because it directly affects our efficiency and the way in which we function.
Anger is as good as a disease. People who are short-tempered and get angry fast, often end up saying things in the heat of the moment that they regret later. In the process, they end up hurting people.
They later describe the 'anger attack' as something that leaves them powerless, that they do not realize what they are doing, or what they are saying when they are angry. It is as if they do not have a filtering technique to filter the hurtful things that they have to say. 
Many times, the points that they put forth are absolutely justified, but the way they express them―through anger and bitter, biting words―leads to negating the entire effect. Not only does it leave repercussions in the manner of hurt feelings in its wake, but anger has a very negative effect on a person's mental and physical health as well.
Anger leads to heart problems and several other such ailments. Thus, it is absolutely essential that one learns how to control one's anger. It is essential also, to not allow anger take over your life.
And as much as it seems impossible at this point of time, let me assure you, that it is possible. This can be successfully done through the adoption of certain calming techniques. Let us see what they are:

Calming Techniques

Do some deep breathing exercises

Whenever you get angry, stop everything else and breathe deeply and evenly. Mastering certain relaxation techniques helps you to focus on something other than the cause of anger.
So also, breathing helps in negating the effects of the adrenaline rush that adds to the anger. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
◼ When you feel angry, try to give yourself positive self affirmations and mental suggestions of calming yourself. See what works for you. Some people 'order' themselves to get over the feelings of anger, while others coax their minds to think about some other, pleasanter thoughts. This calming technique works wonders.
◼ Concentrate on the different body parts and the tension that has gathered there―the neck, the arms, the worry lines on your forehead, and then try and work to getting it down to normal. Attacking the tension of the various body parts will automatically lead to a slow release of tension and eventually, anger from the mind.
◼ Counting numbers is one other calming technique that has been known to work. Instead of counting from 10 to 1(ascending order, seems as though leading to a confrontation), try counting random orders.
◼ Re-position your body and correct your body language. Instead of leaning into the source of anger, lean against it. This will send a mental signal to your brain to not react.
◼ Think about something completely different and try to move your attention away to something completely unrelated to the situation at hand. Focus on another person or thing, or simply move away. This greatly helps to calm down and control anger.
◼ Try doing some physical exercises like neck stretches, arm stretches and the like. Make sure that your palms are folded and facing downwards. These exercises will control the aggression.

Techniques for Controlling Anxiety

Anxiety and panic attacks have, unfortunately, become common place in today's society. And their effects are far reaching and rather crippling. In wake of all this, there are certain techniques for panic attacks and for anxiety cures, that one can adopt in order to deal with these ailments better.


Exercising daily reduces endorphins in the body. They help one to relax quickly and easily. Getting your body moving sets you in a good mood, thus keeping you more satisfied and reduces chances of getting angry.


Meditation clears out the stress and anxiety of the mind. Meditating techniques like yoga and tai-chi are very beneficial to people. Meditating daily leads to general peace and helps to curb anxiety and panic.

Take Stock of Things

Look at the bigger picture. Is the thing making you anxious really worth so? Should you give it so much importance and let it control your life? When you have the answer, your anxiety and panic will also come down.

Slow Down

Many times we end up running and rushing behind things without giving ourselves a chance to recuperate. Slow down and relax. Take a break whenever you find an anxiety attack coming on.

Adapt to Change

Many times, what we plan does not happen, which can lead to anxiety. Learn to adapt to change. Understand that there are things that do not work out as planned. This understanding will help in reducing anxiety and panic.

Calming Techniques

  • Have a balanced diet.
  • Limit the intake of beverages and strong stimulants.
  • Take a hot bath with essential oils and water or go for aromatherapy.
  • Find a stress buster like watching a comedy flick, reading, writing in a journal, or playing with pets.
  • Walk the anxiety off.
These calming techniques lead to reduction of stress, anxiety and anger, thus help one in leading a more fulfilling life and getting something more out of it. It is our morale duty to care for our mental peace and well-being as much as we care about other worldly tasks. Once we lose out on peace, there really is no point to our stressed existence, is there?