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Cancer Awareness Colors

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Oct 28, 2018
There are many ways of showing love and support to people who are suffering from cancer. In such dramatic times more than medication, people need love, happiness and empathy around them. Read on to know which colors symbolize cancer awareness.
There are a number of social organizations and charities that work for cancer patients. People also donate huge sums of money to these organizations, to show their support for people suffering from cancer. Cancer awareness colors have been a symbol of fight against cancer.
With the forming of "LIVESTRONG" foundation by cancer survival sports icon Lance Armstrong, cancer apparel and ribbons have become a rage in public.
Like wristbands, ribbons are a familiar symbol of awareness and they play a very important role in the world of cancer and people buy these cancer awareness merchandise to show their support in the fight against this disease.
Buying and wearing a bracelet, ribbon or T-shirt, in support of cancer victims is a wonderful way to show that you care and raise money for cancer charities, but you have to be careful while purchasing these products.
Unfortunately, a number of products are only sold to do business and not to raise money for cancer patients. To avoid all this, buy cancer apparel from a reputed cancer charity or foundation such as "LIVESTRONG".
If you are not sure whether to buy such awareness ribbons, then you can also donate money to your favorite cancer charity that works for betterment of cancer patients.

Dark Blue

Type of Cancer - Colon Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Childhood Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Brain Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Kidney Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Liver Cancer Awareness

Light Blue

Type of Cancer - Prostate Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Kidney Cancer and Leukemia Awareness

Pearl White

Type of Cancer - Lung Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Stomach and Esophagus Cancer Awareness

Pink and Blue

Type of Cancer - Male Breast Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Breast Cancer in Women Awareness


Type of Cancer - Pancreatic Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Ovarian Cancer Awareness


Type of Cancer - Hodgkin's Lymphoma Awareness


Type of Cancer - Bone Cancer Awareness
Cancer awareness is a very important aspect of winning this battle against cancer. Almost all of us know the importance of doing full body check ups after every 5 to 6 months but not everyone is doing it. The American Cancer Society advises that even people who follow a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle should go for regular cancer screenings. 
Early detection is probably the best weapon we have against cancer. Help spread the awareness and make this world 'Cancer Free'.