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Common Hygiene Mistakes People Usually Make and How to Avoid Them

Common Hygiene Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
People often make many common hygiene mistakes. It can be as simple as wearing unwashed clothes or socks for more than two days. There are many ways to avoid them.
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
At times, we tend to call ourselves hygiene freaks. But, do we really know that we do make certain common hygiene mistakes? Though we might not come to know about them or people might not notice them, yet, there are many such habits which are not really good for you. Read out the article to know about them and find out if you have been practicing them as well.
List of Common Hygiene Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them
Many of us either simply forget to practice good hygiene habits or are very lazy to abide by them! In either case, it can be harmful to your body. Hence, the following list shall make you aware of such mistakes and will give you some tips to avoid them. Don't just smile when you go through them, instead practice them!
Brushing Teeth
brushing teeth
Starting from the personal hygiene, do you brush your teeth twice a day? If not, you must start doing it from today. Cleaning your teeth after lunch and dinner is a must. That will keep you away from cavities and dental problems.
Don't Share Your Comb, Towel or Clothes
People have a habit of sharing their combs, brushes, clips, napkins, towels, clothes and even water bottles. Never share such items as they carry the germs or the dead cells from somebody else's body. Sharing your combs may land you with hair fall and dandruff problems.
Wash Your Hands Before and After Meals
We have a habit of washing our hands before and after we eat. But, we make use of anti bacterial soap in a hope to kill the bacteria on our hands. We should remember that anti bacterial soaps, if used excessively, can kill our body cells as well which is very harmful. They may leave your skin dry and rough thus gradually giving rise to a dead skin. You may pinch there and yet not feel the pinch.
Using Perfume For Appropriate Reasons
Using perfumes, deodorants and scents often is a commonly observed practice. They are antiperspirants and thus can cause skin allergies. Also, the clothes on which these are sprayed, should be washed on a regular basis.
Clean Nails
long nails
These days, having long nails is fashion. Though they look good, having them is a bad idea when it comes to hygiene. Whenever you eat, some food particles get stuck up under the nails thus causing infections inside.
Bath Regularly
Take a bath every day. Even if you feel clean, you are not. You sweat a lot in a day which, many a time goes unnoticed. You tend to visit many places in a day and thus come in contact with various bacteria and dust particles. Hence, regular cleaning is a must. Also, make use of a rough towel that will rub off your dead cells.
Washing Face
man washing face
Wash your face every day. Even if your skin is dry, make sure you wash it once, with soap and twice, only with water. If you have an oily skin, do not use soap every time you wash your face. Instead use a moisturizer and keep your skin smooth.
Wash Your Hair Thoroughly
Wash your hair after every three days so that they stay away from dandruff and scalp infections. Make sure you also wash the tips of your hair. Use warm water. Avoid using very cold or hot water.
Drink Enough of Water
Have you ever counted the number of glasses of water you drink every day? If not, you must know that drinking minimum of 8 glasses of water is a must. That helps your digestive system function properly. It makes the toxins in your body drain away on a regular basis.
Wash Socks
hanging socks
Some people have a habit of using their socks for two or three consecutive days. Don't do it! Firstly, because it stinks and secondly, because it can invite an infection in between your fingers. Hence, make sure you wash your feet very carefully and also your socks daily. Better keep two or three pairs of socks so that you won't have to worry.
Wash Clothes After Couple of Uses
Wash your clothes at regular intervals. Of course, don't wash it every single day, but at least once in two or three days. Specially, if you have a habit of wearing a nightdress, make sure you wash it every morning as those clothes contain the sweat your body excretes during the night.
Keep Your Ears Clean
Clean your ears daily. Use ear swabs and clean the inner parts as well. Do not use water. Cleaning them every day will keep you away from ear infections. If it is not followed on a regular basis, you may have to deal with poor hearing problems as the dirt inside your ear will go on accumulating and hamper your hearing sense.
Cover Your Mouth While Sneezing or Coughing
Cover your mouth and go away from people while sneezing or coughing. Use a handkerchief for the purpose. Also, after sneezing, do not pick your nose. Use a tissue paper instead and then blow your nose if you want to.
Wash Your Workout Gear Everyday
If you are fitness freak, you should know that the workout outfit that you wear must be washed every single day. Also, when you exercise, the sweat and oil on your skin can give rise to pimples. It may invite ringworm, fungal or staph infections. Hence, cleaning yourself with water is a must.
Keep Separate Napkin for Utensils and Hands
At times, we use the same napkin to clean our utensils and our hands, too. Never do that as the napkin contains all the dirt and the dust that was there on the utensils and can cause your skin harm. Moreover, if you eat without washing those hands, your stomach is surely not going to like it!
Avoid Drinking Stale Water
It is observed that the water served in hotels and restaurants is at times stale. Sometimes, you may find some little dirt particles at the bottom which usually go unnoticed unless you watch out for them. Hence, make sure you let the water settle and take a look at the water once, irrespective of the glass being clean.
Clean Your Steering Wheel
cleaning steering wheel
Clean the steering wheel when you are going for a drive. That is one of the most forgotten places. Also, clean the mats inside your car on a regular basis. If the dirt inside the car is not cleaned frequently, it may give rise to nasal allergies or simply an irritation in the nose.
Wash Vegetables Properly
Many people have a habit of washing vegetables and storing them in the refrigerator without drying them. It must be remembered that vegetables should be dried properly so that they don't retain moisture and stay fresh for a long time. Better keep them in separate paper bags so that they don't rot and contaminate the other vegetables in the tray.
Cook Food on Low Flame
Do you have a habit of cooking on a high flame? If yes, don't do it the next time. It causes the food to lose its nutrients and vital elements and thus makes it less beneficial for your body.
Lastly, stay clean! A clean body reflects a clean mind. No matter what people say, use a sanitizer whenever and wherever required. Exercise daily and keep yourself in shape! It also makes you sweat and helps in getting rid of the toxins from the system. All of these hygiene tips will help you stay clean internally as well as on the outside and happy throughout the day. Don't postpone it to tomorrow, start following them today!
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