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The Correct Posture

Kashmira Lad Mar 2, 2019
A correct posture can be beneficial to us in many ways. Read on to know the ways of having a correct posture to maintain good health.
Those who spend endless hours working on a computer know the importance of having a correct posture. It may seem very insignificant to you, but this is one such habit, like all good habits, that needs to be cultivated and followed in every walk of our lives.
It has can give you many benefits, and failing to do so can invite loads of trouble, as far as your health is concerned. Maintaining a good posture is not a difficult task, and you can definitely feel the change in your body once you follow this on a regular basis.


► Working professionals who spend a long number of hours working on the computer, or those who need to stand for a long period of time at work, are often susceptible to back and neck problems. Therefore, having a right posture can help to reduce any back or neck related health problems.
► The right posture also helps to keep you fit and fine. This reduces the fatigue you may feel when you are at work.
► When you take infrequent breaks at work, you are bound to make yourself more vulnerable to back problems. Sitting in an incorrect position for long hours can be harmful for your spine, as it gets fixed in that particular position.
This leads to constricted blood vessels and joints. This can further trigger headaches, which will eventually cause you to pop the pill. The right postures eliminate all such problems.
► If you maintain the right posture during the day, you can get rid of all the pains in your body, which keep recurring, otherwise. It also means, that you do not have additional pressure on other parts of your body.

Affecting Factors

► High heels are a complete no no for prolonged use.

► These are bound to affect your posture to a great extent. Being obese can also affect your posture.

► If you have poor sitting and standing habits, it is bound to affect your position in the long run.
► Unsuitable working conditions, such as badly designed chairs, and being overloaded with work that restricts your body movement during the day, in a race to finish the work, also affect your body posture.

The Correct Posture

While Sitting

► Always keep both your feet flat on the floor.

► The next step would be to align your body to the backrest of your chair.

► When you sit, ensure that your knees are on the same level as your hips.
► The arms should be at a 75-90 degree angle at the elbows.

► Keep your shoulders straight at all times.

► Avoid leaning forward to read something on the computer, you have the zoom tool to bring the areas into focus.
► Remember that while leaning forward can be harmful for your body, slouching is not. It is better than sitting up straight, as it puts less strain on the back.

► However, also bear in mind that sitting in any position (straight or slouching) for a prolonged period, can affect your back and neck. Hence, always take mini breaks to get up and stretch yourself.

While Standing

► Always keep your head straight.

► The earlobes should be in line with your shoulders.

► Keep your shoulders back, and your knees straight.

► Remember not to slouch when you are standing; keep your back straight, and tuck your tummy in.

While Sleeping

► Use a pillow of medium thickness.

► Place this under your head, and not below your shoulders.

► Sleep in a position that helps to maintain the curve of your back.

► Avoid hugging your knees when you sleep.
► Ensure you have a good quality mattress that is comfortable to lie on.

► When you wish to get up from this position, first you need to turn on your side. Draw up both the knees. Move your legs on the side of the bed, and push yourself up with the help of your hands.

Identifying Bad Posture

► Leaning forward, whilst sitting in front of the computer is bad.

► Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder for a long period can also trigger an incorrect position.
► If you are sitting in the 'C' position when seated at the desk, it can lead to a faulty posture as well. A 'C' position simply means that you are leaning forward, and this leads to a lot of pressure on the spine. This is what causes the stress in the body. Eventually, the person ends up being slumped against the computer or desk.
► Sliding forward in your chair is also a sign of bad posture.

Having a correct posture can give you many benefits, as far as your health and personality is concerned. It also helps to boost your confidence levels, and keep you free from stress.
So, have you checked out your position while reading this? Chances are, you must be having some signs that reflect bad posture. In that case, you can begin to follow these ways, to have a correct posture from this moment itself. Try it now and feel the difference within you.
Disclaimer: This for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.