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Get Acquainted With Some Creative Ways to Exercise On a Rainy Day

Creative Ways to Exercise On a Rainy Day
Rains should not be an excuse for not working out. So, this WellnessKeen article acquaints you with some great ways to exercise on a rainy day.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
One easily gets motivated to go out for a jog, walk or even hit the gym, if the weather is favorable and pleasant outside. However, when it is cold and pouring outside, you are tempted to watch the rains sitting by the window, enjoying your hot cup of coffee or yum fries. Moreover, it is a fantastic excuse for not exercising, since no one is going to ask you to go out when there is a steady downpour. So, what do you do in such situations?
Well, not very difficult, look around the house, you can do a lot of things, which will have the same effect as that of your daily dose of exercise. Are you surprised? It's true. Apart from running up and down the staircase in your house (I agree not all of them may have staircases in their homes), there are a lot of other creative exercises you can do to when it is raining outside, to burn calories, provided you condition your mind that way.
Firstly, on days like these, you are definitely going to be tempted to eat and since you would be at home, it is very easy to pamper yourself with all the delicacies possible. Don't entertain such thoughts, you will only add up to your calories instead of shedding them. Secondly, motivate yourself to exercise, instead of snuggling in bed under a cozy blanket. So, once you condition your mind about taking up some creative form of exercise on a rainy day, pick one of the tasks mentioned below and get started. They indeed are some creative ways to get some valuable exercise on a rainy day.
Ways To Exercise on a Rainy Day
Take up household cleaning
Vacuum the carpets. Clean the stove. Tidy your garage. Move the furniture. Clean your wardrobe. Scrub the doors in your house. Doing a few of these things, will amount to a day's workout session. If you are feeling low due the weather outside, a spick-and-span house, after cleaning, might lift your mood.
Cleaning your kitchen cupboards and cabinets is another good way to work out. This reorganization work will mimic your squats and burn calories. Keeping yourself occupied in such household chores will keep you from snacking at irregular times.
In case you have been wanting to rearrange the furniture and items in your room, there can be no better day than a rainy day. Move around the furniture in the bedroom. Moving and rearranging items can be fun and would have the same effect as that of a good weight training session in the gym. Sweep and mop the floors of your bedroom, change the bed sheets, and decorate your bedroom a little, to give it a total makeover. This activity will leave you feeling good about your bedroom.
Waltz with your partner
If you think house work is boring, and that it is not your forte. How about a more fun form of indoor exercise, dance all around the living room. Play your favorite music and just go all out. Nobody is watching you, so make up your own steps and incorporate them in your dance workout. If you have a partner, great! Waltz with your partner. Not like you have to be a pro or something, just slightly glide along. It will not only help you exercise but also recreate the magic of love.
Creative workouts
With the advancement of technology, you can never be bored even if you are stuck alone indoors. There are so many programs available on the Internet that offer you a range of creative workouts. And if you have a DVD, which teaches you a particular exercise style, try working out in that way. If you practice or like yoga, perform a few asanas, it will not only burn calories but also relax and energize you in that gloomy, dull weather.
Video games, no doubt, are excellent stress busters. However, did you know active video games count as a legitimate form of exercise? They indeed help you burn calories. One of the pioneers to incorporate exercise in video games was Dance Dance Revolution. Buy such video games to enjoy the gaming experience while dancing.
Clean your car
Some enjoy this task while others don't really like it. However, it is one of the easiest ways to burn some calories and can be done rather quickly. If you have covered car parking, get on to cleaning your car. Pour some liquid detergent on the car and create lather. Use a soft sponge to clean the edges and glass of the car. Pour buckets of water to do away with the detergent. Make sure you lift the buckets, this will have the same effect as that of lifting weights. Use a soft cotton cloth then to wipe the car dry. You could also vacuum your car from inside, tidy the seat covers and clean your dashboard.
How about a game of soccer with your friends?
Instead of cribbing about the rains, and rescheduling the events as per the climatic conditions. It is fun to get drenched in the rains once in a while; and if it happens to give you a valuable workout why not, right? Have you ever considered a game of soccer in the rain? Well, if not, the next time you are struck indoor staring out at the steady downpour; put on your cleats, call a few friends and enjoy the game of soccer. It is the best way to unleash your inner child and dirty yourself by jumping in those muddy puddles. And, it is definitely a good form of exercise.
Look around the house and be a little creative. Lifting things, jumping over things, or engaging in some physical activity will help you stay active on a rainy day. Moreover, you can take pride in the fact that you took up a few cleaning activities to tidy your house.
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