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21 Daily Struggles Only People With Glasses Can Truly Relate To

Daily Struggles Only People With Glasses Can Relate To
Do you have a fixed place to keep your pair of glasses before you go to bed? Like at a window sill or a corner on the table? Then you would know how it is to be bespectacled. WellnessKeen puts together a list of struggles, just for YOU, to feel that it's completely alright to have a very close relation with your eyeglasses.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Just like mummy does
The Toughest Of All
It is when you go to watch a 3D movie, and you have to double up your glasses. On top of that, others think you are anyway used to wearing one, so what's the trouble in one more.
You wear glasses? (meant, you HAVE to wear glasses?) As all of you out there 'with four eyes' know, it can be really annoying at times, with bizarre questions like these being thrown at you. Seriously, is it that bad to be wearing a pair of glasses, just because your eyesight is not as healthy as that of others? Does that mean you need to feel inferior to them? Definitely not. But, we know, wearing one is a JOB.

Isn't it almost like adopting a baby? You have to take utmost care of your spectacles, probably more than you would have cared for your 'eyes'. Yes, it does give you a different look with the right choice of frame, but then, you surely hear someone say "The one you had earlier suits your face better. Why did you change it?" And there are many more such irritating things that only people with glasses can relate to.
Struggles of People Wearing Glasses
Baby wearing glasses
Looking for Glasses Without Glasses
That's the early morning expression on your face. Finding them when you don't have them on is the most difficult task of all. You simply have to stress your mind so as to remember where you put them the night before, because you cannot SEE them. And once you get your fingers to feel something like them, you experience utter bliss.
Finding a Way to the Bathroom at Night: Getting up in the middle of the night to pee is a mountain ride without glasses. You must have stumbled upon several things, half asleep, without knowing why, and simply wanting to find your way to the bathroom, that too in your own house. All of this just because you didn't have your specs on. (Don't blame the liquids you drank)
Funny Face with Glasses on the Nose
Constantly Having to Push the Glasses Back Up
You have to push the glasses up your nose every five minutes. That's equivalent to breathing in and out. Doesn't matter how expensive the frame is. They all start sliding down one day, very quietly, so that you do not feel anything unless they are on your nose tip. And then, the poor hand simply makes it into a habit to visit the mid-point of the glasses once in a while to put them back in place.
Hot Drinks Forming Those Misty Rounds: How dare you smell your steaming coffee? Keep a safe distance between your coffee and your eyeglasses, lest you should be cleaning them again. Any such hot beverages, or the room being heated up in winters, is certainly a concern for you.
Cleaning Glasses with a Cloth
Cleaning the Glasses Ten Times
Your glasses are never clean, especially right after having cleaned them already. The vision is blurred. You have to clean them even if you have accidentally touched the rim. Another problem is that of trying to wipe the glasses when you are wearing a woolen shirt. Ever tried that? Or, with any fabric that simply refuses to absorb the water drops or moisture.
Clicking Pictures? No Glasses: You have to take your glasses off while clicking a photograph. If you don't, others make you do that, saying you look nice without them! Anyway, if you let them click one with your specs on, you screw up your picture with a bright and white flash that blindfolds your eyes.
Girl with Glasses sleeping on Books
You Cannot Sleep With Your Glasses On
You cannot accidentally fall asleep, or lay back on the couch lazily when you get back home tired, without worrying about the glasses being tilted, or worse, broken. And it hurts too, also leaving a mark on your face. Sometimes, we have even managed to sit on a pair, remember?
Others Want to Look Good with Your Glasses: Change the frame, and everyone wants to try on your glasses. (In short, make them dirty.) You hate it, but cannot stop them either, especially your close friends.
Homework Before Taking a Shower: Boasting about how perfectly placed things are before you go in for a shower is worth an applaud. No one can get it just right. You don't have to struggle to reach things, even without your glasses. However, one fine day, you get up late, and hurry things up, and forget that important homework. Oops! So sorry, you did not keep your towel (or glasses) handy.
Exercise? A Big No: You cannot exercise with the glasses on. Oh boy! They just fall off! Whether you are going for the treadmill, or simply doing a few stretches, the moment you bend down, the glasses start skidding out of place. Besides, if you sweat a lot, you know how it is.
Father Holding Baby near the Shoulder
It is Not a Toy!
A peculiar trouble of being a bespectacled and a parent of a toddler is when the baby tries to snatch your spectacles. Oh common, it's a toy to him! But it's not to me. Help!
Brushing Your Hair Without Glasses: You can feel the frame sitting on top of your ears when you try to brush your hair. So, you have to remove your specs, and brush your hair without getting to look at it properly.
The Word Insight written on a foggy Glass
Wiper Glasses
You wish your glasses had a 'wiper' in the rains. Just like the ones that wipe the windshield of a car. Oh what solace that would be!
Spend Time Doing Make-up That Doesn't Show: One struggle you can relate to, specifically if you are a girl, is when you try to put on make-up by yourself. You want to beautify your eyes, without being able to see them clearly. So you have to get very close to the mirror and try your best. It is a wonderful feeling when that eye make-up (for which you breathed so soft to make it just perfect) is not seen anyway, as is hidden behind your glasses!
The Peek-Throughs: You never get a top to bottom, or 180° view of anything in life! You must peek in, either from above or below the rim of your frame. Now that's an awkward moment if you are meeting a new person. And no doubt it would end up inviting trouble from the other side.
Girl holding her glasses and thinking
Contacts... A Better Option?
The most annoying advise you get - "Why don't you try out contacts? They are much easier." One more ceaseless conflict is when you wonder whether not switching to contact lenses was the right decision you made! There are others to help make you feel more old-fashioned, even with something like the color of the frame that you tend to choose.
Sky Watching With Double Lenses: Similar to watching a 3D animation movie, gazing at the night sky through a telescope is a herculean task! You somehow have to manage to see through two different lenses, and you don't even know when one is in proper alignment with the other. All hopes left with the stars to show up suddenly.
You Hate Swimming: Swimming is not fun and creates problems for people with glasses. While on an adventure trip, swimming in an ocean or going underwater is like risking yourself with deadly sea creatures you cannot see.
Different Pairs for Indoor and Outdoor Viewing: Keeping a pair of indoor and outdoor glasses with you everyday is another annoying task (like sunglasses with a number or a separate reading pair). You have to keep on switching between them. To add to the fun element, if you forget to bring this 'pair of pairs' one day, you send out a wrong impression wearing outdoor glasses inside a venue.
At the eye exam with Optometrist
No Luck at the Eye Exams
Still, after all those years of wearing your glasses sincerely, you go to the optometrist and feel stupid to not recognize letters in the next line. Regular eye check-ups are a must, but it doesn't give you any mental peace. And the struggle goes on.
Worst is when all of us 'speckies' know and vividly remember how WE, as kids, so earnestly wished for a pair of glasses, and begged to look smart with them on. No wonder we beg to do away with them now, but hey... don't start with that same old 'you-should-try-contacts' crap again!