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6 Different Types of Meditation to Bring Peace and Positivity to Life

Different Types of Meditation
The different types of meditation are the kind of everyday techniques you want to incorporate in your lifestyle to make the most out of its healing and calming effects.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Meditation is an age-old technique of focusing the mind on particular objects, prayers, or just immersing oneself in deep silence with no distractions or commotions that would disturb that veil of concentration. It is a great way to sort one's colliding thoughts, setting one's mind on a single path to peace and contentment from within.
I was told some months ago on practicing a meditative technique of reciting the word 'om', which when translated from the Sanskrit dialect means peace. By repeating this word by first taking a deep breath and letting the word out until you have to breathe in again, you are summoning unto yourself a platform of peace. The process is repeated for 10 to 15 minutes by continuously saying 'om' while you exhale after you draw in all of your breath, saying the word over and over again.
The different types of meditation help you focus on various areas of your life including your routine, to choose what is convenient for you to practice everyday. It can help you overcome headaches, stress, and other health problems that crop up within us as well as a way to just stop and be in the moment. Use meditation as a way of calming your insides, and bringing to yourself all that is peaceful and positive.
Different Kinds of Meditation Techniques
It is not simple to find one's balance between the outside world and what is within, where finding a way to coexist within chaos without it affecting us, is quite a task. Meditation can be the answer to a lot of people's problems, by knowing how to control one's emotions, situations, and interactions with people in the best way possible.
Breathing Technique
breathing exercise
This type of meditation focuses on one's breathing, where you have to concentrate on how you take in air before releasing it. One sits in the all familiar meditative pose of sitting cross-legged with one's hands placed lightly on one's knees with thumbs and middle fingers touching. Breathing is focused upon right from when you inhale it, to when you expel it. You have to pay close attention to how your breathe in, and how it feels to draw in deep breaths right from your diaphragm.
Focusing Technique
focus on a thing
Here you can focus on a particular thing like a candle, or nature-oriented sounds, or even music that helps you delve in deeper into the intellect of the lyrics but making sure it is calming and not all over the place. Even listening to the playback of a chant will help you focus on the words and deviate your mind from outside thoughts that tend to filter through. Allow your mind to take you elsewhere by being in this state for a good amount of time.
Walking Technique
This technique involves one to choose a silent place to take a walk through the beach, park or a quiet street early in the day. As you walk, focus on the way your feet move forward to take the next step, and how air moves in and out of you as you breathe. You can incorporate other things that keep your mind busy with a relaxing and absorbing ability, like reading, gardening, or painting. Choose techniques to soothe your mind within the kind of solitude you find the happiest and most peaceful.
Transcendental Technique
mantra chanting
In this technique, one needs to chant the word 'om' repeatedly until one is consumed with the effect that the word portrayed. In this kind of technique one can choose either a mantra or prayer that they can keep repeating so that the mind focuses on the words and meaning of that particular mantra or prayer, taking them on a different state of mind all together. One should do it slowly and purposefully.
Spiritual Technique
girl meditating in open
This meditation finds the person sitting in silence, while being in a state of prayer where one asks for guidance or waits for some kind of higher being intervention while being in a relaxed and silent pose. One can seek the answer to a question and sit in deep meditative silence with the eyes closed and focused on finding a solution or gaining insight while being in that state.
Emptying Technique
emptying technique
The benefits of meditation can rein in a lot of health advantages that you can experience by calming one's insides from disturbing external elements. One sits in the lotus position, eyes closed where the surrounding area is either pin drop silent or infused with soft instrumental music. At first there will be a collision of thoughts both random and troubling that will come into focus, but later you tend to zone out of them and concentrate on breathing and the sedating sounds of silence or music.
There are so many ways on engaging the body and mind as one working force towards an ultimate aim of finding balance and overall harmony. You can pick the place you want to meditate in and just revel in the moment and not let your mind get the best of you if you're restless or unfocused. Train your mind to be at one with what surrounds you, and tune into that part of the brain that helps you slow down and relax.