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Calm Yourself With These Essential Oils That Provide Grounding

Essential Oils for Grounding
Scents can work wonders for our well-being. While fruity fragrances help rev up energy, those like cedarwood and lavender calm the mind. The scents of essential oils given here, will make you feel relaxed and grounded. You should try them at least once.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Though often ignored, grounding is of utmost importance to one's overall well-being. It is about establishing a strong connection with the ground and activating the body's chakras to receive the Earth's energy. Some essential oils can provide grounding. They are known to generate a calming effect on the user and restore energy balance. Some of them are used in meditation and yoga to help one achieve a positive mental state. Many of these are tree oils. Since trees are deep-rooted into the Earth, the oils that come from them naturally provide grounding. Of the many essential oils used for grounding, here, we give you the important ones, enlisted in alphabetical order.
Cedarwood essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil helps grounding. Its earthy scent helps reduce anger and nervous tension. It brings a sense of inner strength and stability, and has a soothing effect on one's mind. On a spiritual level, it is said to help bring people together by making them more open to reach out for support from one another. It can help one overcome the tendency to hide away or seclude oneself.
Frankincense essential oil
Frankincense can be of help against depression and anxiety, as it has a calming effect on the user. It is said to provide spiritual grounding. It finds applications in aromatherapy, where it is used to calm the mind and aid in meditation.
Juniper essential oil
This oil helps one battle negativity and think positively about life. It is said to help improve kidney function and has a cleansing effect on the body. It helps relieve mental fatigue and reduces depression through its stimulating effect on the nervous system. It can help in overcoming addictions as well as in battling emotional issues.
Lavender essential oil
Lavender produces a grounding effect on the user. In a certain study, lavender oil was found to improve heart rate. Also, this oil is said to help reduce stress and anxiety. It acts on the nervous system, and helps with restlessness and irritability. Through the calming effect its fragrance has, it can help induce sleep.
Patchouli essential oil
One of the important benefits of this oil is the grounding and stabilizing effect it produces. On an emotional level, the scent of this oil makes one feel confident and more connected with the self. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and promotes feelings of self-acceptance and positivism.
Sandalwood essential oil
This earthy fragrance has a balancing and healing effect on the user. Those undergoing stress or having a low self-esteem can benefit from the use of sandalwood oil, as it helps eliminate negative feelings and brings in a sense of peace. It is used in prayer and meditation, as it helps one attain a peaceful state of mind.
Spruce essential oil
This essential oil is believed to help clear emotional blockages. It has an energizing and grounding effect on the user. The fresh scent brings in a sense of harmony and helps one become more aware of his emotions. While it can reduce hyperactivity and calm the mind, it can also help fill the mind with positive energy, and make a lethargic person feel active and energetic.
Vetiver essential oil
This essential oil is said to balance the gap between the root and crown chakras, and produce a calming and grounding effect. It is believed to carry a positive energy that promotes confidence and self-awareness, and gives a sense of stability. It reduces hypersensitivity, and can be used against panic attacks.
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White Fir essential oil
Its woody and spicy fragrance has a stabilizing and relaxing effect on one's mind and body. With the positive energy it carries, this oil has an empowering effect on the mind. It can be of help to those feeling less effective and ungrounded. It is believed to provide a sense of security at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
Ylang Ylang essential oil
Ylang Ylang oil is said to help resolve root chakra issues. It produces a calming effect on the user, and can thus help reduce anxiety. It infuses one with feelings of confidence and positivism, and helps in reducing fears and nervousness.
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Other Grounding Essential Oils
▸Clary Sage
▸Palo Santo
Using Essential Oils
▸Topical application (bath, spray, massage, or compress) is one way of using aromatherapy oils. However, in case of strong or highly concentrated oils, it may lead to skin reactions, and thus, is not recommended for those with sensitive skin, as also those allergic to the oil.
▸Inhalation is a method commonly used in aromatherapy, and is especially effective when seeking the emotional effects of an oil. Oils can be inhaled with the help of diffusers, in which they are placed with water or heat and allowed to evaporate. Placing a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and allowing evaporation is also one way. Adding some oil drops to steaming water and inhaling the steam is another method of use.
▸Similarly, the oil can be added to a water-based solution and filled in a bottle, which can be used to spray the mixture.
▸You could use one essential oil, a blend, or more. Oils can be combined to balance the strong aroma of one with a more subtle scent of the other, or with the purpose of combining their therapeutic properties.
▸Essential oil recipes can be devised based on the choice of fragrance and purpose of use.
  • For example, a blend of bergamot, clary sage, and frankincense oils, or a blend of sandalwood and bergamot, is good for anxiety relief.
  • Blends of grapefruit and ginger oil, or rosemary and bergamot, are said to help increase energy levels and mental alertness.
  • While a mixture of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver is said to improve sleep, a mixture of vetiver and cedarwood is useful for grounding.
  • A blend of orange and lemon will have a citrus scent, while tree oil mixtures will have a woody aroma.
  • Usually, concentrated essential oils are diluted in a base oil, and can then be blended depending on the intent of use and personal preferences of scents.
When using oils for remedial purposes, or in aromatherapy, it should be ensured that only therapeutic grade essential oils are used. An individual may be sensitive to the smell or skin contact of certain oils. In case of any discomfort experienced during or after the use of an oil, a doctor should be consulted immediately.