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Experience the Wonders of Pet Therapy at Manas Resort

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 10, 2019
Animals are blessed with the ability to melt the toughest of hearts, which works like magic to improve the mental and physical health of an ailing soul in pet therapy. Manas Resort, a petting zoo near Mumbai, Maharashtra, is an ideal retreat for one to recover and rejuvenate in nature, by spending time with its animal residents.

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, is a form of alternative therapy. It entails the use of animals to help people cope with, and recover from a range of mental and physical disorders. While dogs and cats are a common choice, other animals and birds are also used in pet therapy.

Who Needs Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy has proven its mettle by aiding people suffering from anxiety and stress disorders, dementia, cardiovascular diseases, cancer patients, children undergoing dental procedures, veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, and many other ailments.

The Merits of Pet Therapy

It has been affirmed that interacting with friendly animals produces endorphins that have a calming effect on the body, which can help soothe pain and improve psychological state. Being around them creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety, and diverts one’s attention from distress.
Apart from lifting one’s spirits, reducing depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation, pet therapy can lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. This form of therapy also helps children focus better, and inculcates values of kindness and empathy in them.

Knights in Shining Paws at Manas Resort!

Manas Resort with Petting Zoo, near Mumbai, is more than a pet-friendly resort.
Pet therapy doesn’t necessarily have to be conducted in medical settings. With wide green spaces, and an abundance of friendly animals and birds, the resort encourages pet therapy, and is a haven for those who need it.
The resort houses a large number of exotic birds and canines, along with exotic species like sugar gliders, red iguanas, an ostrich, and many more. You can walk in the resort’s aviaries anytime to spend time in the company of the birds, or play with the canines and other animals, all of whom are well-trained to interact with children and adults.

A Treat for Your Pets

You are more than welcome to bring along your own pets, who will be looked after at no additional cost. They will have a free run of the resort’s 15,000 sq.ft off-leash park, can play with the in-house animals, exercise on agility equipment, and enjoy a dip in a pool specially made for pets.

A Warm Welcome

Whether you are looking for a peaceful recovery environment in the company of animals, or just need to relieve the stress of the hectic city life, Manas Resort, along with its four-legged and feathered residents, is ready to welcome, and bring out a new you!