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Eyecare: Top Picks for Inexpensive Polarized Sunglasses in 2019

Gel Datu Nov 28, 2019
Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, athlete or sun worshipper, anyone who spends much time outside needs eye protection. Sunglasses guard against harmful UV rays, as well as dirt and debris, while helping you see clearly. . Here are the top five picks for the best, inexpensive polarized sunglasses of 2019.

Wiley X Airrage

The Wiley X Airrage is at the top of everyone’s best list because it’s so versatile and packed with the features you want. Durable and dependable, Airrage sunglasses are part of Wiley’s climate control series, making them a great choice for golfers, snowboarders and racing sports.

Oakley Unstoppable

Oakley Unstoppable sunglasses for women are another excellent choice for athletes and active people. They feature rubber bridges and temples that provide an extra grip when you’re working up a sweat. That means they won’t slip down your nose and distract you during a close tennis game. They are available with prescription lenses as well.

Bolle Greta

Bolle’s Greta model are inexpensive polarized sunglasses for women that make the most of any casual look. Durable nylon frames are strong, durable and flexible, able to stand up to pressure. They feature polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to impact and feature both UVA and UVB protection.

Oakley Half Jacket

The choice of golfers everywhere, Oakley’s Half Jacket sunglasses are excellent for outdoor activities of all types. Comfortable and semi-rimless, they feature earlocks and nose bombs to prevent slipping, so you can concentrate on your swing. Polycarbonate frames are flexible, while lenses provide UV protection that blocks UVA, UVB and UVS beams.

Costa Saltbreak

For anyone into fishing or water sports, a great pair of anti-glare sunglasses is Costa’s Saltbreak model for men. Although there are several options in lenses, the Saltbreak main model blocks blue and yellow light, perfect for serious anglers who need to cut glare while distinguishing between a range of different colors and shades.

Inexpensive Polarized Sunglasses

Inexpensive polarized sunglasses work by blocking light rays traveling at specific angles. Visible light transmission (VLT) is noted by a percentage, with the smaller percentages means filtering.
A lens that doesn’t block any rays is noted as 100% VLT, while lens with 0% means complete blockage. With a need to protect your eyes, sunglasses are a must.