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Eyeglass Lenses Types

Mamta Mule Apr 7, 2019
What are the various eyeglass lenses types? Here's a guide that will help you know about the options available in eyeglass lenses that you must definitely consider before buying one.
Most of you might have gone to shop for eyeglass and definitely got confused after looking at the variety and types available in these. Apart from the designer frames which make a huge difference in your appearance, picking the right lens is equally important.
While you go to purchase eyeglass lenses for vision correction or just for a stylish look, you will see a lot of varieties.
You won't know all the varieties, unless you are from optometry field. So how do you know which is best for you? Here's information about the eyeglass lenses types which will help you purchase one.

Vision Correction

Single Vision

Basic type of lens is single vision. This is used to correct myopia (nearsightedness) and hypermetropia(farsightedness). The lens is made to correct only one field of vision, either myopia (nearsighted ) or hypermetropia(farsighted). One can have an eyeglass with one lens correcting myopia and other correcting hypermetropia, depending upon the eye problem.


Bifocals are prescription lenses, which are a combination of two different powers. Meaning each lens can aid both near and far vision. Generally the lower part of the lens, a semicircle or half lower part helps see object at closer distance and the upper part aids focusing on far distances.
Lens divided into two parts, horizontally is called executive bifocal and that which has a half moon or D rim at the bottom is called flat top bifocal. Bifocal glasses are best solution to those who have some difficulty seeing close as well as far away objects.


While some have problem with distance vision and close vision, there might be people who have problem viewing the 'in-between' area, so were the trifocals developed. These lenses, along with far vision and near vision also have an added area for intermediate vision. So those lenses with distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision are the trifocals.


While you check out the bifocals and trifocals, you will notice that these is a line, straight or curved, dividing the lens. This dividing line is prominent and known to be one of the disadvantages as well. With progressive lenses, this problem is resolved and you can have a lens which eliminates the lines between the focal areas and gives a better look.
Basically the sharp divisions are smoothed. These lenses are a fave of those fashion lovers, as hidden lines means one can't know that you are wearing bifocals or trifocals.

Material Used

There are also a few options available in lens materials which you can consider before buying one. Traditionally, thick and heavy glass was used for lenses. Remember those thick, heavy glasses used by your grandparents? But, today you can hardly see anyone opting for these.
Plastic lenses are most commonly seen. Plastic lenses are lighter and less prone to breakage. There are again a few types of plastic materials used for making more durable and quality lenses.
Hi-index is a type of plastic lens which is very thin and lighter than what the regular plastic lens for the same power will be. Polycarbonate lenses are one of the plastic lenses especially recommended for people wearing glasses during sports or other such activities.
These are basically more impact-resistant than the standard plastic lenses and like the hi-index lenses these too are much thinner and lighter in weight. Moreover these also have a built in UV protection making it an overall safety lens.

Special Coatings

Apart from lenses with proper vision correction, quality material and a stylish eyeglass frame, lenses with coating is something that you can opt for. Special coating for your lenses making them UV or scratch resistant and protecting your eyes are offered by all optical stores. Here are the details.

Anti-Reflective Coating

This is the most popular type of coating that you can opt for. Basically this coating reduces the glare and hence, improves visual clarity. This is a good option to consider, as it reduces both internal and external reflections on your lenses and gives a clear appearance.
These are popular for computer use and night driving. Anti-reflective coating not only helps reduce the glare that you see, but also the glare that others can see on your lenses.

Anti-Scratch Coating

Well, no lens is scratch proof. But having an anti-scratch coating definitely helps. This makes lenses harder to scratch when rubbed against hard surface and protect them from normal scratching. This is surely helpful, as even those minor scratches sometimes disturbs vision clarity.

Anti-Fog Coating

What can be more frustrating than fogged up eyeglasses? Get the anti-fog coating and have a clear vision. These primarily eliminate condensation of moisture over your lenses which forms fog, hence, keeping them fog free and giving you an all time vision clarity.

Ultraviolet Treatment

Lenses with UV protection protect your eyes from the harmful UV light which can lead to cataracts. So if you want to protect your eyes from those harsh, burning sun's rays, you can surely consider this.

Photochromatic Lenses

These lenses have a change in shade from light to dark depending upon the changing levels of UV light. These basically change to a dark tint in the sunlight and turn clear or change to light tint when indoors. These are amongst the best lenses for those who are sensitive to light.

Tint Lenses

Unlike photochromatic, tint lenses are of fixed color which remains constant at all times. Well, let us tell you that there are about 40 colors in tints. So, if you want to wear a stylish look, these are the best types.
With a number of eyeglass lenses types, you have much more options to consider while buying one. Make sure you get your eyes checked from a reputed ophthalmologist who will suggest you right type of vision correction lens.
Also go to a reputed optical store to get the best material and coating suitable for your needs. Finally pick the right eyeglass frame and get ready to look stylish with ultimate vision clarity.