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Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds

Medha Godbole Feb 6, 2019
There isn't a single definitive method or plan which provides the fastest way to lose 10 pounds. A combination of diet, exercise, strong determination, and focus will help you not only lose those extra pounds quickly, but also lead a much better healthier life.


Ways to lose weight include many diets such as "Atkins Diet", "Five Factor Diet", "Blood Group Diet", etc. Whether you will sustain the weight loss or not, is to be seen.

Watch What You Eat

To lose 10 pounds faster, start off by eating low-calorie and low-fat foods. Eat smaller meals 4 or 5 times a day. Lower your daily calorie intake by choosing low-calorie foods and limiting portion size.
Avoid foods that are high in fat like deep-fried foods, high-fat dairy, sweets, fast food, white flour products, and baked goods. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, lean meats, fish, and whole grains in your diet. Reduce sweetened teas, flavored coffee drinks, sodas, and alcohol.

Bring Variation in Workout

The quickest way to lose weight is to burn calories, and the best and fastest way to achieve this is by exercising. Try cycling, swimming, kick boxing, aerobics, dance, or any other cardiovascular activity.
Include weight training exercises and focus on the major muscle groups. Bench presses, shoulder presses, bicep dips, squats, and bent over rows are some you should include to not only build muscle but help burn fat.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water has no calories and creates fullness when you drink it before your meals. It keeps you hydrated, flushes out harmful toxins, increases metabolism and aids better functioning of liver and kidneys.
The Institute of Medicine recommends that men should drink approximately 3.7 liters and women should drink 2.7 liters of water a day. So keep hydrated.

Stay Focused and Motivated

A crucial factor about losing weight is to keep realistic goals. Realistic, in the sense that you should be practical about to how much weight you need to lose. Unrealistic expectations will deter your chances of losing weight. 
Hence, remain focused on executing your plan and motivate yourself by keeping the larger goal in mind. Analyze your body type, lifestyle, and how much physical activity can you clock in a day, etc.

Stay Determined

Attitude matters for losing10 pounds quickly. Your attitude has a lot of impact on your body. If you have low self-esteem, and you always think about your weight, you are feeding your weight problems.
Just be confident and love yourself. This obviously does not mean that you don't do anything to lose those nagging pounds. Just do not give it undue importance.