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Spruce Up Your Spa With These Finnish Sauna Accessories

Finnish Sauna Accessories
Finnish saunas are very popular around the world and offer many health benefits. There are many accessories that can be used in the saunas. Try them and make your sauna experience a unique one.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Finnish saunas are traditional saunas built using wood, and are one of the most popular saunas for a natural detox. These saunas in Finland are not a luxury but more of a necessity. There are various types of Finnish saunas. But, the most common one involves use of volcanic rocks. Today, saunas have evolved a lot, and there are many manufacturers who build quality Finnish saunas and provide many quality accessories.
▶ Accessories for Finnish Sauna
sauna bucket
One of the necessary accessory is the sauna bucket or sauna pail. A wooden sauna bucket with a handle is a good idea for a small sauna. With the bucket, you will also need a sauna dipper, which is nothing but a wooden spoon. You can also buy a sauna bucket liner. These are nothing but plastic or stainless steel inserts which are placed inside the bucket. These two are the most essential accessories in a Finnish sauna.
spa rocks
Sauna rocks are required in the Finnish saunas. These are special rocks which retain heat and have a rough surface. A box generally contains both large and small rocks. You will also need vents. These are available in metal grille or cedar grille.
sauna thermometer
Sauna thermometer is an important thing to keep in sauna. There are various types of thermometers available for Finnish saunas, so choose it accordingly.
sand timer
Sand timer is a sauna accessory, which has markings for every minute, so that you can monitor your time spent in the sauna.
sauna towel
One more essential item you need to get when going to a sauna is a towel. Towels are necessary and you can wrap your body with them when taking a sauna. Also, you can carry a hand towel to wipe your sweat. Towels can be placed on the sauna seat and then you can sit on them, to prevent burning of your skin from the sauna seat's heat.
sauna towel hanger
A towel hanger is also a good idea. If it is a private sauna, which can be locked from the inside, then you can keep a towel hanger. Once inside the sauna, you can wear minimal clothes and hang the towel or bathrobe on the hanger.
sauna headrest
sauna headrest
There are some additional accessories that can add comfort to your sauna experience. If you want, you can also buy a backrest, headrest and, pillows. These are made with special materials keeping in mind the sauna. These are washable too.
aromatic candles and essential oil
aromatic candles and essential oil
You can also add some aromatic oils to the sauna. There are many ways to do this. You can simply mix the water in the sauna bucket with some essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender or special sauna scented oils. Once the water-oil mix is sprinkled on the rocks, it will evaporate and give aroma, which will help you relax further. If you wish to avoid mixing the oils in water, then consider buying an aroma oil diffuser. You can also use aromatic candles for aroma or light.
If you want to scrub or clean your skin, then consider having sauna loofahs or brushes. This will help you scrub off the dead skin, while you enjoy taking a sauna. There are also specialty sauna soaps available, which don't melt in the sauna's hot temperature. One more sauna accessory that you can consider buying is the sauna light. These come in curved and straight designs.
You can have accessories like the tower heater, rolled mats, sauna door handle, sauna flooring, sauna door signs, and sauna rules frame. There are also etched glass sauna doors available, which will help you make the sauna look even better, thus eventually enhancing your sauna experience.