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Learn How to Make Flavored Toothpicks at Home, It's Easy

How about adding some flavor to your plain old toothpicks? Go through this article for some tips.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Man using toothpick
The humble toothpick seems to have a really long association with mankind. It is said that picking one's teeth is the oldest human habit, and it is inferred that toothpicks have been used by mankind from the time of discovery of the wheel. Materials like bone, wood, quill, ivory, and metals like gold and silver were used for making toothpicks. Even today, toothpicks are available in different types. They include the basic wooden types (both flat and round), colored toothpicks, frilled toothpicks, colored plastic toothpicks, flavored toothpicks, etc.
We all know about the conventional use of toothpicks. These sticks, especially, the colored and flat wooden ones are also used for craft projects. One of the latest and innovative uses of toothpicks is as a mouth freshener. For this purpose, flavored toothpicks were introduced in the market. It is claimed that these toothpicks can also help you to get rid of habits like, nail biting and smoking. Otherwise too, it feels nice to use a flavored toothpick than a plain one.
What are Flavored Toothpicks
Cinnamon oil with wooden toothpicks
They are nothing other than toothpicks with flavors like, cinnamon, mint, maple, bacon, etc. These toothpicks are said to be beneficial for those who are trying to get out of any form of oral fixation like, nail biting, smoking, and snacking. You can use these flavored toothpicks instead of smoking a cigarette or biting your nails. They are said to be better than candies or chewing gum, as they are free of sugar and calories. Some types like mint-flavored toothpicks, and those flavored with cinnamon, orange, and lemon, can ward off bad breath too. Though flavored toothpicks are widely available, you can make them at home, that too at a very low cost.
Making Flavored Toothpicks at Home
Toothpicks in microwave
In simple words, the task can be explained as soaking wooden toothpicks in essential oil or flavored oil. You can use any oil of your choice, but make sure that it is safe for ingestion. The following method is about making cinnamon toothpicks.
  • In order to make cinnamon toothpicks, you need cinnamon oil (should be obtained from health food stores), wooden toothpicks, and a clean glass jar. You may also use flavored cooking oils, like orange, lemon or peppermint, for making flavored toothpicks.
  • Pour one or two ounces of flavored/essential oil into the jar. Put the toothpicks and secure the lid. Let the toothpicks soak in the oil overnight.
  • Next morning, take out the toothpicks and spread them on a non-absorbent surface, like plastic sheet, wax paper, or cookie sheet. Let them dry well, before storing in a zip pouch bag or other tight container.
  • You may also use a microwave to dry the toothpicks. Place the cookie sheet with toothpicks in the oven, which is preheated to 250° F. It takes around five to ten minutes for the toothpicks to get dry. Avoid drying them in the sun.

The remaining oil can be saved for making the next batch of flavored toothpicks. Make sure to use good quality products for this purpose, as cheap materials may affect your health. However, don't let children use these products.