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Funeral Guest Book Ideas

Funeral Guest Book Ideas

When someone close to you passes away you would want to ensure that their funeral is a celebration of the person they were and you would want to remember everything that was pleasant about them. The ideas given here will help you create a guest book so that every family member and friend can share their memories with you.
Tulika Nair
Losing someone you love is never easy and it is not something that anyone can deal with if they do not have the support of family and friends. In the middle of dealing with the loss of someone who was very dear to you, you would also need to pay attention to planning a funeral. There are many details that need to be taken care of while arranging for a funeral. Many a time something that is easily ignored is making the funeral guest book. This memorial guest book is where people who have come to pay their last respects to the person who has passed away, can sign in with their personal messages. This book serves as a keepsake for the family of the deceased and is a celebration of the person he or she was when alive.

Ideas to Use for a Funeral Guest Book

The process of planning a funeral can be one that can be strung high with emotions as it is an extremely stressful time for the family. After the services, often the family members can be hard pressed to remember who attended the ceremony. Using different ideas for the guest books so that the attendees can share their memories is a way of not only creating a memory that will last forever but also a way of learning who were the attendees at the funeral.
  • There are many different ideas that you can use to create a unique memorial guest book. One of these ideas is to create a photo album instead of the regular guest book. Place all your favorite photos of the deceased in the album and add notes about them at the sides. Invite guests to add their own memories to the photographs that have been displayed.
  • Another idea that you can use to create a truly memorable keepsake is to not just add images to the guest book but also different knickknacks that are reminiscent of the deceased. These curios could include flowers, tickets, stamps, letters, or any other item that was held close and special by the person who has passed away. You can invite the guests to contribute to this funeral scrapbook to help the family create new memories of their loved one.
  • You can personalize the guest book by choosing a theme for the book. Select something that was held important by your loved one. From a favorite sports team to their favorite color, their favorite movie, everything could be used as a theme. Remember to be respectful to the deceased. A guest book is a great way of getting people to open up and getting them to share memories about the person who is no more.
  • A great idea for a guest book is to have one that has pages that can be removed and reattached. This way people do not have to wait in a queue to sign the guest book and they can write as much as they want.
  • You can also choose to alternate every page in the guest book with quotes about hope that you like or even words like hope, love, faith, and laughter. These can be a symbol for the person who has passed away.
  • Along with the guest book at the funeral service, you could also choose to create an online guest book for all those people who are far away and cannot make it in time for the funeral. This is another way for people to share memories of the person who was special to all of them.
These ideas can be used to relive those memories that family and friends have of the person who has passed away. As a guest to a funeral who has been asked to sign a guest book writing a personal message may be a good idea. Recount an anecdote or a memory that you shared with the person and tell the family how your life was touched by the person who has passed away. Reading the funeral guest book later is a way in which the family can keep memories alive. Help them do the same.