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Ways to Grow Hair Faster Naturally

Parul Solanki Sep 30, 2018
Wondering how to grow hair faster naturally? All that you need to speed up the growth of your hair is a change in your diet and lifestyle along with proper hair care and you can enjoy the crowning glory for years to come.
For centuries, long hair has been symbolic of beauty in women. However, not many people are blessed with thick, luxuriant hair. On top of that, an improper diet, underlying health conditions and certain hair treatments can also worsen the quality of your hair.
Finally, add to this the fact that there is no such thing as a miracle cure or product that can suddenly make your hair grow longer, and faster. So is it impossible to grow hair faster naturally? Well, not really. Here are some easy tips to help you on your way to a long shiny lustrous and healthy mane!

Improving Health of Hair externally

Hair Care Products

The right hair care products can make your hair thicker and luxuriant. The shampoos and conditioners you choose should not have lots of chemicals, instead opt for natural, herbal shampoos and conditioners.
Natural, organic conditioners like coconut oil or olive oil can make hair grow faster naturally and do not have any side effects.

A natural deep conditioning hair treatment can be made by mixing a cup of honey with half a cup of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your hair for thirty minutes and rinse off for healthy, long hair.

Head Massages

It is believed that stimulating and massaging the scalp is an effective way to naturally make the hair grow faster.
A daily head massage for ten minutes improves the blood circulation in the scalp and increases the amount of blood that gets to the hair follicles. Herbal oils like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil are beneficial for faster hair growth.


It is easier to grow hair faster that is healthy. Avoid over-brushing and yanking your hair especially when it is wet. Also use minimal amounts of styling products.
Since our scalp produces natural oils that protect the hair strands from drying up and getting damaged, it is best to wash your hair every other day instead of on a daily basis. Avoid harmful hair tools like curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons.


It is important to regularly trim your hair. Some of you might find this suggestion a little contrary - you want to grow your hair longer, not cut them short! however, hair tend to get damaged more at the tips.
If you do not trim your hair from time to time, it might split at the ends. Split-ends are a nightmare! It is best to trim your hair every 3 months, so that they remain in good condition.

Scientific Combing

Combing your hair in a certain way causes the scalp to loosen up and the sebum to come out.
Brush hair in the following manner: starting from the front, brush your hair from left to right, going back at every step till you reach the base of your head; then starting from the left ear, brush your hair backward to the base of your neck, going to the right at every step. Do this every night before you sleep, and see the difference!

Improving Health of Hair from within

Healthy Diet

A healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamin B12, iron, calcium and zinc will help your hair grow faster naturally. Include foods rich in proteins like fish, eggs, nuts, cheese and lentils to improve your overall health and encourage fast hair growth.
The vitamins A, B, C, E and K which are vital for the general functioning of the body also gives it the fuel it needs for growing out short hair.

Dietary Supplements

Certain dietary supplements like biotin vitamins, multivitamins, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and Omega 3 can be added to your regular diet to grow hair faster naturally.
It is believed that supplements of folic acid which is found in green leafy vegetables, beans, peas, sunflower seeds and some cereals can make your hair grow faster naturally.

Stress Reduction/Health Problems

Stress or physical and mental turmoil is a major cause of irreversible hair loss and can impede hair growth. Try minimizing stress by relaxing, getting enough sleep, doing regular meditation and yoga.
Addressing underlying health issues such as nutritional deficiencies and hormonal problems like hypothyroidism which cause hair thinning can also help your hair grow faster.


Using Hair Color

Coloring your hair definitely damages your hair. Hair colors and dyes make use of strong chemicals that damage hair follicles. Avoid using them.

Hair Treatments

Straightening curly or wavy hair is a trend that is fast catching up among girls and women alike. However, hair straightening is known to make the ends of hair split, and once your hair starts splitting, you know it is not going to grow as fast as it would have otherwise! Avoid such hair treatments.

Certain Hair Accessories

The hair clutchers that are so commonly used these days in fact are a disaster, in terms of hair health!
Using a hair clutcher on your hair is like having someone pull your hair and hold it in a particular way for the entire day! Make sure you choose hair accessories with care. If you must use a hair clutcher, opt for one that does not have too hard a grip. However, best option would be rubber-bands.

Home Remedies to Make Hair Grow Faster

~ Apply coconut milk on hair, leave it on for one hour and then wash it off. Follow this home remedy every week for best results.

~ Make a paste of fenugreek seeds and apply it on the hair, leave for half an hour and then wash off.
~ Take dried Rosemary herb and boil it in water for about fifteen minutes. Let the mixture cool and then apply on hair. Leave for ten minutes and then wash off. Follow this treatment twice a week for best results.
The best way to make hair grow faster naturally is to stick to a good hair care routine and eat a balanced diet. Avoid harsh hair care products or going through a dramatic weight loss, as this can lead to hair loss and thinning of hair. Instead sticking to regular exercising, a healthier lifestyle and organic products can make hair grow faster naturally.