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Helpful Tips for Preventing Foot Pain

Sudip Paul Oct 24, 2019
Foot pain can negatively impact your quality of life, making it more painful and difficult to walk, stand, or perform everyday activities. The best option is to prevent this type of pain in the first place.


Taking proper care of your feet is a good place to start. By following some simple tips, you can reduce the chances of developing pain in your feet. Check out some tips for preventing your foot pain.

Don't Go Without Shoes

Going barefoot seems completely natural. The idea of kicking off your shoes and feeling the ground beneath your feet is certainly appealing. As it turns out, however, going without shoes can cause a lot of problems with your feet.

Avoid Packing on Extra Pounds

Your feet are responsible for carrying your body around, no matter where you go. Your weight directly impacts how hard they have to work to get you from one area to another. If you are overweight, you are a lot more likely to develop foot pain.
Researchers have found that people who are carrying extra weight are at an increased risk of developing problems like pain in their heels or arthritis. They also are more likely to experience sprains or fractures. Achieving a healthy body weight can provide your feet with much-needed relief, helping to eliminate pain in the process.

Choose Supportive Shoes

The shoes that you wear directly affect how your feet feel. If you want to avoid foot pain, choose supportive shoes that are wide enough that your toes don't wind up squished together.
Shoes like high heels or flip-flops are poor choices since they don't properly support your foot and can cause discomfort. Instead, opt for shoes with rigid or semi-rigid soles, low heels, and wide toe boxes.

Think About Using Orthotics

Orthotic devices are placed inside your shoes to help them fit better. They are commonly used to address problems with the feet and ankles. Custom orthotics that are prescribed by a podiatrist have been proven to reduce pain in the feet while at the same time boosting function.
Although you can buy generic orthotics at the drugstore, it is always best to have them custom-made for your feet. Custom orthotics provide the best fit, which means that they are the most comfortable. You can also buy orthotic shoes which do a great job of keeping your feet comfortable and healthy. Try Apex shoes for a fantastic fit and feel.

Stretch Your Feet

Any muscular pain in your feet can be relieved by stretching them. One stretch you may want to try is to simply alternate between flexing and pointing your toes. You can also place your feet flat on the floor while seated and try to stretch your toes apart from one another.

Elevate Your Feet

After a long day, elevating your feet can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. Kicking back and putting your feet up is one of the best ways to help your feet feel refreshed and rejuvenated.