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How Can You Stop Being a Couch Potato

How Can You Stop Being a Couch Potato

Dealing with laziness is a big task for all, and if you turn out to be one of those couch potatoes, it becomes very difficult to stop living the lazy life. It may be hard but not impossible. A few tips can lift your spirits and slowly detach you from being a couch potato.
Dhanashree Patane
The humor in the name is healthy, for a while. But if this title embraces you for a long time, it can take over your identity as a human being. The term defines people who live in the world of television, a comfy couch and a bag of chips or junk food. All that they do is sit around in front of the television, laze around, sleep and munch loads of fat and grease, while irrationally absorbing anything on the TV set. Couch potatoes or idlers live like it is Sunday everyday. They have a boring lifestyle (lazy would be a better term), they rarely move out of the couch. What they fail to realize is, this kind of lifestyle leads to a risky disorder, which is called the couch potato syndrome.

This syndrome is rapidly growing in kids and adults alike. The biggest fear is the growing number of obesity and its related issues, in children, who live this sedentary lifestyle. It invites many cardiovascular diseases and many other health issues. Being an idler will not only make your body a fat house, but it will also affect your mental health. Some of these are social withdrawal, loss of interest, mood swings, memory loss, and low confidence. The situation is, most of us know that this lifestyle is unhealthy, but we just don't seem to get off it, and move on to a healthier lifestyle. Sure, letting go a very lavish and comfortable feeling is a tough task, but, you should realize that this will make you happy temporarily, and leave you sick and unhappy in the long run. Whereas being healthy may require effort in the beginning, but it leaves you feeling good and healthy for a long time.

Ways to Stop Being a Couch Potato

So to help you get rid of the couch and settle in the lap of health and fitness, we have compiled some trouble shooters, that can help you get rid of the disgusting habit. They are simple, but need some determination. Here we go...

Exercise and Workouts
Nothing beats the benefits of exercising that gives you a fit body, eventually giving you enthusiasm and energy. Even though you may not find time, some modifications in your schedule will help. Hit the gym regularly, find a fitness buddy to inspire you. Make sure you walk a lot whenever possible. Follow a good work out routine along with meditation to de-stress and focus. There are also certain workouts that can be easily done while you watch TV. Exercise will kick out laziness, and fill you with a zeal to do just more than being a couch potato!

Take up a Hobby
Now to engage your mind off the cozy recliner and keep your eyes off the TV, simply tune your mind into another activity or hobby. This can also help you burn calories, for example, if you like gardening, spend some time grooming the lawn or pamper the flowers and plants in the garden. Other hobbies like art and craft, and performing arts can also give a much-needed diversion from the couch and television. Read or write what you like, join hobby classes, it can be a dance or a yoga class too.

Spend Time With Family
It sounds simple, and yes it is more than simple to follow it too. When back from work or school, instead of grabbing the bag of chips on the couch, spend time with your family. It can be helping the family with lunch or dinner. Have food together at the dining table, than eating all by yourself in front of the TV. If you have kids, you might want to have a basketball game with them or a quick splash in the pool. If you have a pet in the house, take time to groom and train him or take him for a stroll. Playing games and bonding with the family will not only keep you away from the couch, but will also strengthen your family bonds.

Housework and Chores
This is the most fruitful way to escape being a couch potato. It helps you finish your work, while getting rid of your habit. There is plenty of work that most of us avoid in the house. You can clean the house, take care of the lawn, get groceries, settle your wardrobe, your work files, etc. You can also do the dishes, the laundry and other stuff in the house. If there are kids in the house, I am sure there is plenty that is piled up to finish at home. You can also try your hand at cooking new dishes, another way to keep you engaged. So just utilize your time to complete chores and pampering the home. The result is all worth it!

Cook Healthy, Avoid Junk
Whenever those cravings arise, let your hands reach out for healthy snacks and food. Start by not buying all those fries, chips, soda's, chocolates and tubs of ice cream. Stack healthy nuts and fruits for snacking. Substitute fatty foods with low fat and low calorie foods like low fat cheese and yogurt. Use olive oil and low fat mayonnaise for salads. Avoid cooking fatty, unhealthy meals, include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. A healthy diet will give you a healthy mind, so cut those calories.

Limit the Entertainment
This is a practical solution for couch potatoes. Restrict your timings to one or two hours of television everyday or even less. Choose your favorite shows and make sure you watch only those shows. You can also set an automated timer on the television. Subscribing for few channels or not subscribing for cable or satellite is another option you can choose. You can also boycott the use of your remote control. Simply get up from the couch every time you want to change the channel. This will also keep you fit and you will end up watching less TV.

Motivate Yourself
We know that the mind is the most powerful of all the organs in the human body. Will power and determination are not only words in philosophy, they do work. If you train your mind to work in a way, it will do so. All you need is to take control of your mind which will then take control of your body. Unless you truly wish to get rid of your habit, your mind will keep on giving you excuses to stay on the couch for long. So think positive and motivate yourself to get far from being a TV and couch addict.

All these are simple things that one can follow. Watching TV while completing house work is possible, so balance your work with the commercial breaks. Excess of anything is bad, and so is sitting glued to the couch and TV. Sure you can let go once in a while, may be once or twice in a month, but otherwise let everyday be filled with energy. So get moving now, all the best!