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How Does an Adjustable Bed Work

How Does an Adjustable Bed Work? Know the Mechanism Involved

Adjustable beds are those that give you a comfortable night's sleep, by adjusting the pressure around your body. Here is an article that will tell you about the working of an adjustable bed. Find out how interesting it is.
Gauri Huddar
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Adjustable beds are so called, because they adjust the pressure according to the person's sleeping posture, to make sure that he sleeps comfortably. These kinds of beds are really helpful for people suffering from chronic back pain, and other medical ailments. Adjustable beds also have special features built into them, like an electric massager, heater, mechanisms to help people get in and out of bed if they are unable to do it without aid, and so on.
Adjustable beds can also be controlled via a remote control. The bed can be adjusted in such a way, that the lower half or the upper half of the bed can be raised, in order to elevate certain parts of the patient's body, like the legs or head. The modern adjustable beds can be custom made to suit your needs, and can be extremely useful in aiding recovery from an illness or an accident. There are innumerable proven health benefits of adjustable beds, and they are incredibly comfortable to sleep in. Here is how this bed works...
Working of an Adjustable Bed
Adjustable beds are basically assembled beds with electric motors, which help to achieve the settings you want, with the help of a hand held remote.
The Mechanism
Adjustable beds are available in many types - two part frame, three part frame, or five part frame. The level of comfort offered, increases with the number of frames in the bed. This is because, as the number of individual frames increases, the flexibility and the array of movements offered by the bed increase accordingly. So, the five frame bed will be the most comfortable. Electric motors are used to elevate or lower the frames that you wish to. The two part frame will have the upper part supporting you above the back, and the lower part supporting you below your waist.
The three part frame will have the upper part supporting your upper body, the middle part supporting your lower back, and the lowest frame supporting your knees. The five part frame is the one that will provide the most comfort, since the first frame will provide support to your head and neck, the second frame to your upper back, third frame to the lower back and hips, fourth frame your upper limbs, i.e. thighs, and the fifth frame will support your legs.
The bed frames are mounted on a basic frame, and they have to be combined with the right mattress, so that you get the maximum comfort. The frames are powered by either AC or DC motors, which help in moving and adjusting them. The frames can be adjusted by the use of the remote control to sit at certain desired angles, to help relieve the aches of the patient. The next issue is the motors. They too come with their capacity, and if the motor on your bed is not powerful enough to handle your weight, it will wear out far more quickly than it should. Your height and weight should be measured by the company tailoring the bed for you.
Some companies provide a standard heavy duty motor which pushes up the cost of the bed, and is unnecessary if you weigh less than 15 stone. AC motors are more durable compared to DC motors, but at the same time, DC motors are less expensive and noisy compared to AC motors. The five frame bed is the best and most highly recommended, because the two frame bed is very limited in its flexibility, while the three frame bed puts a lot of pressure on your lower back.
The Concept
Adjustable beds work on the concept of body contouring by adjusting the pressure according to your sleeping position. They usually come with a memory foam mattress, which adjusts slowly to the pressure applied by your body, as opposed to springing right back into its original position immediately after pressure is applied, causing discomfort to the person sleeping. They work on an air suspension system, which interprets the pressure applied on the mattress and distributes it evenly, according to your sleeping position. This means, the mattress is shaped according to the contours of your body, instead of being flat and stiff.
The mattress is squashed when you lie on it, and the cells in the mattress are designed to work in such a way, that they distribute the pressure to the neighboring cells so that pressure does not build up at the main pressure points of the body. The material used for making the memory foam mattresses is visco-elastic, which is derived from polyurethane. This makes them soft and flexible as the temperature increases. When a person sleeps on this mattress, his body warmth causes the temperature of the mattress to increase, making it flexible. Sleeping on an adjustable bed gives you the freedom of sleeping as naturally as possible, without suffering from stiff muscles the next morning. Sleeping in your most natural and comfortable position reduces the tension in your muscles by as much as 85%!
Why Opt for an Adjustable Bed?
Here are just a few reasons why you should opt for an adjustable bed. They have many benefits where health is concerned, besides being amazingly comfortable to sleep in. A few health benefits are given below:
  • The most important benefit is that, it helps in relieving back pain. It is also known to alleviate problems related to arthritis, sleep apnea, asthma, and edema.
  • It eases pain in swollen joints and limbs, and also reduces the swelling by helping raise the body part as and when required.
  • It makes life more comfortable for people who are temporarily or permanently bed ridden. Daily activities like sleeping, reading in bed, eating in bed, watching TV in bed, are a lot easier and vastly comfortable, since the adjustable beds adjust their pressure to mold against the person's weight and position, making him very comfortable.
  • It has added features which can be used by the patient, like mechanisms to help him get into and out of bed if he has difficulty in doing it, massager, heater, pressure adjusters, elevating mechanisms, etc.
  • Helps avoid acid reflux and heartburn, by raising the level of the head above the rest of the body.
  • It helps to cure soreness of the body and stiff muscles and relieves tension.
  • It can help in correcting bad posture, and a person can enjoy a comfortable sleep, in spite of having a bad posture, since the bed adjusts itself according to the sleeper's posture, so that he doesn't wake up with stiff and sore.
  • These beds are extremely effective in reducing joint pain occurring in the lower back, knees and spine.
With so many benefits, need I advocate buying one for yourself? You can get many features for a little extra amount, but that will prove to be a good investment in the long run, as regards your health. Before you buy one, make sure you check out the reviews of adjustable beds available in the market. Many of them come with a backup battery in case of power failures, so that patients who cannot move without raising the bed are not inconvenienced. Pretty good, huh? Were you aware, that we actually spend a third of our lives sleeping? It's only fair that we sleep right, comfortably, and in style!