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How Does Yoga Help in Diabetes Prevention

How Does Yoga Help in Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes can be tackled well with a good diet and exercise and most of the experts recommend a natural and globally accepted workout, that is yoga. So how does yoga help in diabetes prevention? Know all about these facts in the article below.
Dhanashree Patane
Diabetes is one of the rapidly growing diseases in the world, and nothing can beat diet and exercise for combating this disease. A healthy diet, that avoids sugar and starch is what can help you keep the sugar in control. What most of the people fail to realize that exercise is equally important for tackling any health issue. When the disease is diabetes, which has more than 280 million people across the globe suffering from it, there needs to be a lot of effort and dedication to tackle it. Most experts recommend a diabetes control diet, that helps in most cases, but exercise too is prescribed, which many will avoid. Diabetes can be simply described as the disease caused due to the lack or sufficient amount of insulin or ineffective functioning of insulin in the body. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and is important to transport the glucose that is produced after breaking down of food, into the bloodstream. In case of less insulin or ineffective insulin, the glucose will settle and stay in the body without being used for energy and this can pose serious health risks. With type 1 diabetes that is caused naturally due to less secretion of insulin in the body, there may not be much of an issue, but for type 2 diabetes that is caused by various factors, that include obesity, lifestyle, heredity, stress, etc., there needs to be serious thought on the cure. The reason we discussed diabetes and the cause is to understand the cure better.

Exercise is what is recommended by most of the health experts and nothing can beat the traditional form of exercise accepted world wide, that is yoga. It has been described as the most effective workout. It has also proved to be extremely beneficial in treating many diseases, one of which is diabetes. For curious people willing to know the exact role of yoga in diabetes, we have compiled information based on studies related to ways in which yoga helps to prevent it.

Yoga For Diabetes Prevention
Yoga is an exercise that involves movement, poses, breathing and focus. It not only helps in physical relaxation, but also helps you connect to the mind. The many benefits of yoga are listed below. We will first take a look at these, so as to understand the role of yoga in diabetes prevention.
  • Yoga helps in excellent blood circulation. This helps blood flow in all the parts of the body. Even those that are difficult to be involved in everyday activities and other workouts.
  • It involves breathing along with blood circulation, that ensures good flow of oxygen and blood to all the vital organs of the body. This along with the many beneficial poses of yoga help in calming the mind, focusing and meditation. It reduces the stress and increases concentration. This also increases will power, that helps you to push your body to more rigorous exercise and maintain your diet goals, and other healthy lifestyle changes.
  • As glucose levels are elevated by stress, yoga can help in keeping them in control. The stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and nonadrenaline are reduced in blood, and thus yoga helps in reducing stress. This is also believed to ensure proper functioning of insulin.
  • Yoga helps in stretching the entire body, tones it and also helps in building muscle. This aids weight loss and thus, is able to combat type 2 diabetes and decrease the risk.
  • The different poses and stretching also help in building a strong digestive system, gives flexibility to the blood vessels and maintains the levels of glucose in the blood.
  • Yoga with breathing techniques, that is called 'pranayama' helps in activating the pancreas, that secrete insulin. Certain yoga poses, exert pressure on the pancreas which helps in their activation and also helps in eliminating the toxins.
  • The muscles are relaxed in with the different poses of yoga, and the increased blood and oxygen supply, are the possible triggers for better insulin reception on the muscles, that in turn enhance glucose consumption.
  • Blood pressure too is regularized throughout the body, that keeps it in check. As blood pressure maximizes the risk for diabetes, this is tackled well by yoga.
It can be thus concluded that yoga helps in combating weight issues, increases immunity that helps in slow progression of complications. It helps in better insulin production and consumption of glucose. It also helps you be determined and think positively, which is very important when dealing with any disease.

Many studies have found out that people with diabetes who practiced yoga on a regular basis, showed significant decrease in blood glucose and hemoglobin AC1 levels. Another study also found out that yoga therapy for diabetes prevention helped curb after meal rise in blood glucose and insulin resistance. Yoga is one name that has been a savior on all diseases. And now we know that it does help to control diabetes. So start practicing from today, but only under an experts training. Balance diabetes with a healthy diet and with the many benefits of yoga for diabetes!