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How to Become a Better Version of Yourself

Kevin Devoto Sep 21, 2019
Just about all of us would like to improve ourselves, but committing yourself to self-improvement can be difficult when you have to deal with pressures of work, school and family. While self-improvement can require a commitment and additional effort, it's incredibly worthwhile. You only have one life, make the most of it.
If you'd like to stop constantly feeling like you're not living up to your potential and start feeling like you're making the most of all the hours you have in a day, follow this guide on how to become a better version of yourself.

Stop Living in Clutter and Disarray

Most of us don't live in homes where we'd be fine with guests at the drop of a hat. Our homes are cluttered and disarrayed. It's easy to slack off on household chores and slip into growing accustomed to mess, living in clutter can have a detrimental effect on health.
Get your home in order once and for all, if you want to be a better version of yourself. Spend a weekend getting rid of items that no longer serve a purpose in your life, such as unsightly furniture pieces or clothes that do not fit you.
If you have old uncomfortable bed, switch to a new organic mattress. Give your home a deep cleaning, ridding it of dust or grime. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel in a clean, organized house when you come home every night.

Get Active, One Small Step at a Time

Being a couch potato may be comfortable, but can leave you feeling terrible. Human body is designed to move, not to sit at a desk all day, come home and lie around. But, the idea of switching from lazy to an active person can be daunting, if you've not worked out before.
You don't have to become a gym rat to reap the benefits of daily activity. If you're inactive, walking for 30 minutes each day can have positive impacts on health. Your mental, physical and emotional health improves by adding some exercise to your routine.

Trade Unhealthy Pastimes for Healthy Hobbies

Watching TV and browsing internet can be fun, but can hurt the psychological and emotional well being. You need to relax after a long day at work or school. But there are ways to relax that nourish and enrich your mind and soul than just making you feel worse.
When you need to relax, take a soothing bath. If you need to combat stress, ditch junk food and television for meditation or yoga. When you need to relax, forcing yourself to adopt healthy habits might take struggle and discipline at first. The more you engage in healthy relaxation, the better you'll feel.
It's important to remember that self-improvement isn't something you do in a single day or week. Instead, it's a lifelong journey that you commit yourself to and work on improving every single day.
Don't expect to change your habits and daily behaviors at once. Instead, commit to making small changes each day. You only get one life, do everything in your power to make it the very best life.