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Buying Over-the-counter Reading Glasses

Over-the-counter reading glasses are a cheaper alternative to buying readers from an optometrist. These guidelines will help you make the right choice.
Azmin Taraporewala Apr 21, 2019
You may count yourself lucky if you do not have to employ an eye gear to read. However, there are some individuals who, without an eye gear feel like they are reading an alien language. Reading glasses to the eye is what ear plugs are to the person who sleeps with a snoring bed partner.
Without the ideal reading glasses, your ability to read decreases, making you read virtually gibberish! Presbyopia is a condition where reading matter is undecipherable and one may have to continue reading with difficulty as you have to hold your draft farther away. The intensity may continue to increase, making letters undecipherable.
You may have to visit an optometrist for your eye power to be declared correctly. If he deciphers that your vision is otherwise perfect, other than the slight eye power, you may resort to using reading glasses that could be picked from over the counter.
They are a convenient and easy alternative to a customized pair of glasses that an optometrist may design for you. However, there are certain important tips you ought to be cognizant of, when selecting over-the-counter reading glasses.

How to Pick the Right Reading Glasses

Taking your pick to buy over-the-counter reading glasses requires more than just the knowledge of your vision gone kaput. Pointers like the one's mentioned here may help the individual to have a smooth sail through the decision-making process.

Employ the Trial-and-Error Method

When you have a slight eye power for reading, it ranges between +.75 to +3.00. Start with the basic +.75 and add .25 to the next eye powered lenses you try. You must be comfortable with your reading glasses.
Remember to choose an eye power that facilitates your schedule. If you spend 6 to 8 hours before the computer screen, it would be better if you get your power checked by an optometrist and then decide on getting computer reading glasses.

Font Size Matters

Remember the font size that you are usually exposed to whilst reading. If this is the kind of font size you usually read, you must take reading glasses that are apt to help you see correctly without any strain on your eyes.
Bear in mind that reading glasses should serve you the purpose; don't lay importance on the look it manages to deliver. Nevertheless, comfort and clarity is what should matter to you.
If you have been unable to read a novel or a book with the font size that you are used to, then pick up a book, a newspaper or magazine and start reading it to check the viability of the glasses you are wearing. Ensure that you pick out a book that has a fine font. Bold font will be visible right away; however, you may face trouble while scouring small font.

Lastly, Consider the Look

When you have found an appropriate eye power, try different frames for a different look. If you find a frame that is custom-made for your face, but the power lacks by .25 to touch the ideal vision; abstain from buying those glasses.
It is better you have reading glasses that suit your vision, rather than your visage. Nevertheless, if you find a pair that looks good and makes for an ideal pair of reading glasses, voila! You must go ahead.
Buying over-the-counter reading glasses is no task, provided you use this write-up as a template. You needn't worry of the choice you make while selecting an eye-gear.