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How to Choose a Good UV Protection Umbrella for All Purposes

How to Choose a Good UV Protection Umbrella for All Purposes

The market is abounding with numerous umbrellas, apparently marketed as the UV protection ones, which can be a safeguard against the Sun's harmful radiations. But, if not chosen correctly, these umbrellas will not suffice the purpose at all. This WellnessKeen article will give you the guidelines about selecting the right umbrella for yourself.
Samarpita Choudhury
Did You Know?
The initial purpose of having an umbrella was to obtain protection against the sun. It was only later that it was developed to use during the moonsoon.

The word 'umbrella' has its roots in the Latin word umbra, meaning a shade. On the other hand, parasol (another name for umbrella) is derived from two French words―parare, which is shield and sol, meaning sun. Both have a common use―that is to protect against the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the harmful radiations emitted by the Sun, which poses immense threat. But it's pertinent to also know that these rays can be radiated by other artificial sources like machines and lights. The skin and eyes are very vulnerable to the adversities caused by exposure to the sun. This can range from minute tanning to even skin cancer and cataract in the eye, apart from redness of the eyes and damage to the retina.

Umbrellas can be a good shield against the harmful UV rays, provided if chosen meticulously. Let us find out in the subsequent lines, the parameters mandatory to choose one for ourselves.

10-pointer Guideline to Choose the Right Umbrella
☛ The fabric of the umbrella should be made with a UV block substance so that it can provide the necessary protection. Look for an umbrella whose material is either satin, polyester, or any other microfiber material. To be on the safe side, choose polyester fabric.

☛ The core for choosing the right umbrella is to verify which material you are picking. The thicker the material/fabric, the better is the protection offered.

☛ Any umbrella that has UV protection factor, has the ability to block harmful radiations, but the ones that have a black fabric, outshine the rest. The color black can absorb light to the maximum. Therefore, the radiation is also absorbed by a black umbrella, and it is not penetrated.

☛ Ensure that the umbrella you are buying should have the necessary 'protection mark'. It is important to know that any material whose ultraviolet protection factor is greater than 30 (UPF 30+), and which restricts the penetration of UV rays at 5% or less, acts as a good shield against UV radiation.

☛ Picking an umbrella that has a silver coating is a good idea for protection against UV rays. This is because the silver coating can bounce back the maximum radiation.

☛ Also, note that the fabric has been treated chemically, in order to prevent fading of the umbrellas after repetitive sun exposure.

☛ For traveling, settle for UV umbrellas or UV parasols that have UPF 50+ and above.

☛ When choosing umbrellas for staying longer outdoors, choose the ones that have a wide diameter, to provide maximum protection and minimum exposure.

☛ The ribs or the arms of the umbrella are the ones that hold the fabric steady. Therefore, the more in number, the sturdier will the umbrella be.

What to Pick to Suit Your Purpose
Patio Umbrella
These are those sturdy umbrellas that protect us from the Sun's radiations. They were present since ages, and only have gotten better with innovation, technology, and the necessity to protect oneself from the sun. They are fundamentally 'outdoor' umbrellas, and can be put to use anywhere, out of the house! With a patio umbrella, you can enjoy the day, in style, on the terrace and in the backyard, without the fear of UV rays.

Beach Umbrella
The topmost accessory to carry on the beach is definitely a UV protection, stylish beach umbrella. The temperature on the beaches tend to be higher, and the Sun sets late. Therefore, the duration of exposure to the sun is high. As a result, special umbrellas that are larger than the usual ones are a prerequisite for a holiday at the beach. It should have proper ventilation vents, along with a strong pole and fabric to withstand the wind.

Pool Umbrella
The canopy of the umbrella is vital. When choosing an umbrella for your pool side, choose something that can provide full coverage to the tables you have placed. The pole is the next thing you see, apart from the UV protection factor of the fabric. The pole is made of aluminum, fiber, or wood. But to make it resistant to all kinds of weather, aluminum is the best choice.

From being originally stereotyped as an accessory for women to enhancing fashion and style, the necessity of having an umbrella has scaled much higher. It is perhaps the best thing that can be used as a sun block. Sunscreen cream, lotions, and sun-protecting clothes are popular ways of heat protection, but can be quite uncomfortable at times. But with the right kind of umbrella, you can maintain the protection in style!