How to Cleanse your Lymphatic System

How to Cleanse your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system functions to maintain the interstitial fluid balance in the body, develops the defense mechanism in the form of lymphocytes, and aids in the process of digestion. Thus, it is important to know how to cleanse the lymphatic system and why the process is deemed significant. ...
The blood plasma that seeps out of the blood vessels and collects in the little tunnel-like structures in between cells in all tissues is called the lymph fluid. The lymph helps in digestion with the help of lymphocytes, fights harmful bacteria and viruses, and transports nutrients by traveling through all the parts of the body. There are various reasons due to which the lymphatic system may get congested.

Why Is Cleansing Required?

We are familiar with the term, lymph nodes. They are glands that are located in the throat, groin area, armpits, and the spine. Certain foods -- through their richness in proteins and fats -- can block the lymphatic system, not allowing it to function normally. There may be instances when the lymph carries with it proteins that could not be absorbed through the thin blood capillaries. It is when the protein substances are larger to be absorbed, congestion takes place. The lymphatic system is also governed by the foods you consume. The lymph carries waste matter produced by the cells of the body to the blood which may also cause blockage of the system. Thus, a lymphatic system detoxification process should be adopted.

The lymphatic system is dependent on the functioning of the liver as it is responsible for the circulation of the lymph fluid. Well, you may always judge the health of your lymphatic system by the type of functioning and performance of the liver. If your liver is efficient with its functioning, your lymphatic flow is in good stead.

Cleansing Your System

You now know the pointers why you feel and look the way you do. In this manner, it is easier for one to accept and consider the idea of cleansing the lymphatic system with thorough conviction. Here are the methods with which you may be able to cleanse the lymphatic system.

Activities to Indulge In
  • Exercise well. Make an effort to keep yourself energized. Exercise keeps you fit and healthy and encourages lymphatic drainage. Indulge in swimming, go for a jog every morning, or go cycling to feel the adrenaline rush. Well, you could do almost anything for those beads of perspiration to trickle!
  • What about having some fun while jumping on a trampoline? This exercise can prove to be a great workout as it not only helps you concentrate on your muscular development, but also has an impact on your physiological well-being. When you are using a trampoline, the body bounces with and against the force of gravity and the jumping also encourages a healthy lymphatic flow.
  • Breathe right. Meditation can work well for those who want to regulate their lymphatic system and want to cleanse the same. When you jog or go for a walk, breathe right and breathe deep. This activity will cleanse the lymphatic system.
  • Provide a chance, if you will, to acupuncture, when considering a lymphatic system cleanse. Acupuncture is proven effective with regard to the detoxification process. Besides, a regime knead would do a good turn to your lymphatic system, helping it to wheel better minus the inhibitions. Nevertheless, make certain that you visit a certified massage therapist, and not a quacked masseuse/masseur.
  • Stress can weigh you down. You may have noticed that when you are not in the right frame of mind, you have a series of 'Freudian slips' leading to ballistic egotistical issues. Well, they shouldn't have occurred in the first place. We, at some point in time, have had our share of 'senior moments', too; however, it pays positively to share your woes with a close associate. If you find your painful past haunting you, eschewing your growth, seek therapeutic help. This will help your lymphatic system relieve some burrlike instances and function better.
Foods to Consume
  • Avoid fast foods and make sure you eat vegetables and fruits in bulk. Having complex foods may exert unnecessary strain on the lymphatic system. White bread, white sugars and rice -- predominantly substances that are white -- should not be consumed on a regular basis. White foods destabilize the glucose levels in the body. Onions, garlic, seaweed, green leafy vegetables, reddish, mustard, kale; herbs, like burdock root, goldenseal, dandelion root, cleavers, parsley and red root could be the most sought-after items for consumption.
  • Fluids, like fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, and soups are a must when the lymphatic system has to be cleansed. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Don't drink water only when you are thirsty. Realize, that by the time you feel like drinking water, your system is partially dehydrated. Consciously remind yourself that at regular intervals a glass of water has to be consumed.
Sweat It Out at Sauna
  • Sauna baths, such as seaweed baths, can stimulate the lymphatic system and it is through sweating that the body releases harmful toxins. The seaweed bath helps the body to get rid of harmful toxicities, thereby reenergizing the body, giving the immune system a boost. The release of waste through the skin, makes body cells receptive toward essential minerals and nutrients.
  • Infrared sauna heat therapy is a detoxification process that helps the body to extricate the toxins that have accumulated in the body.
When Is Cleansing Required?

There are certain pointers that indicate that your lymphatic system requires cleansing. Thus, before knowing how to cleanse your lymphatic system, it would be valuable to know what indicates the basic need of a clean up.
  • If you like to navigate with the help of an elevator, but are too lethargic to take the flight of stairs. ... Well, the crux is, marginal or no exercise can lead to hampering the lymphatic flow.
  • Do you refrain from looking at yourself in the mirror due to the cellulite pile up? A poor lymphatic system can lead to cellulite accumulations.
  • If cold and cough do not leave you alone, your lymphatic system is at fault. It is the congestion that causes your immunity system to dip.
  • Your energy levels suffer a fall and you feel that life is no more enjoyable. This is all because your lymphatic system has turned sluggish.
Thus, if the liver is sluggish in terms of its performance, it means that all is not well with the lymphatic system and the lymph flow through it. It, indeed, may be congested and this is when your system requires a cleansing regimen.