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How to Get Over Your Internet Addiction and Lead a Healthy Life

How to Get Over Your Internet Addiction
Internet addiction, in today's world, is so common that some of you may not even consider it an addiction. While the Internet has lots of benefits to offer its users, it can also negatively affect their mind and health. Understanding how to get over your Internet addiction should help you lead a healthy and stress-free life.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Bird Brain?
In extreme cases, Internet addiction can result in up to 20% shrinkage of the brain's surface area. This level of shrinkage is usually observed in cocaine addicts.
It is observed that Internet addicts spend most of their time in front of the computer screen, drifting into a habit of mindlessly surfing the Internet without a defined purpose. The commonly observed forms of Internet addiction are online gambling, cybersex, and cyber-relationship addiction.

Even if you do not indulge in gambling or other such activities online, spending time on the Internet without a purpose is in itself a dangerous habit. The Internet is one powerful network, which holds the potential to keep you hooked on for hours. It is you who should decide whether to move in endless circles of net surfing or break free and spend your precious time doing something worthwhile. Here is more on how to get over an Internet addiction.
Ways to Get Over Internet Addiction
Accepting that you are addicted to the Internet is the first step towards getting over it. Internet addiction is one of the most dangerous forms of addictions, because, at first, you don't even realize that you're an addict. Since it is a relatively new phenomenon, not much research has been done from the point of understanding its effects on our health. Analyze your day-to-day routine, and check whether you are really addicted to the Internet. Only then can you take some positive steps towards getting over this habit.
Exercise, Go For a Walk
Go For a Walk
Those who spend most of their time at home are prone to getting addicted to the Internet. You'll have to either keep yourself constantly engaged or spend some time of the day outdoors. Those who don't have much to do after getting back home after work tend to spend more time surfing the net, rather than doing something productive, which should be avoided. Learning to keep yourself busy doing something productive or positive is the key to getting over an Internet addiction. Indulging in some physical activity like exercising, taking a stroll down to a nearby park, or working out at a gym, can help take your mind off the Internet. Going for a walk helps relieve the mind off the entire day's stress. It is a good idea to reserve at least some time of the day for walks, where you are accompanied by a family member, friend, or even a pet.
Develop a Hobby
Man with guitar
Developing a hobby can help keep the mind off Internet surfing. Having a hobby not only saves you from the dangers of Internet addiction, but also has a positive influence on your life as a whole. Our mind always needs something or the other to keep it engaged. A person is prone to get addicted if he/she has not learned how to engage the mind in something worthwhile. A hobby is not just a distraction or deterrent from an addiction, it can alter your state of mind and make you happier. In fact, if you have a hobby, the chances of getting addicted to the Internet reduce to a great extent in the first place. Learning to play an instrument, painting, singing, dancing, etc., can be of great help to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. The time spent in practicing an art is time well spent. When you are doing something you really love to do, the mind becomes relaxed and more focused. A hobby should not only help you get rid of an addiction, but also change your outlook towards life.
Allocate Time for Using the Net
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Allocating a certain amount of fixed time for using the Internet can certainly help you get over any addiction. This is one of the simplest ways to overcome Internet addiction. Initially, you may find it difficult to cut back on your Internet time. If need be, set an alarm to remind yourself of the time spent in front of the screen. If you think about it, hardly 20 - 25 minutes are required to check mails, notifications, or anything else that is important, online. The extra time which you spend on the Internet after this is what causes real damage.
Use Reference Books
Stack of books
These days, school and college students making use of Internet sources for completing homework and project work. Using ready-made notes to do your homework would not only make you lazy and addicted to the Internet, but also hamper your analytical ability. Students must be encouraged to do their homework using reference books. The process of reading and analyzing information should help sharpen the mind, and also keep them from getting addicted to the world wide web.
Go to Bed Early
Sleeping girl
This sounds a bit clich├ęd, however, going to bed early is one of the most effective ways of getting over an Internet addiction. Staying up late is one of the main reasons most people get hooked on the net in the first place. Our mind functions in a weird manner. It can never have enough of what it wants. Once we get into the habit of sleeping late, we tend to search for things to do online. By going to bed early, you can get rid of this addiction, and it will also keep your mind and body in a healthier state.
A mere distraction or deterrent to keep you from surfing the Internet won't be of much help to get over Internet addiction. Getting this habit out of your system completely is what matters. When the urge to go online keeps popping in your mind, you should instead focus on what is good for you, and not what your mind wishes to have. This is the only way to get over any kind of addiction.