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How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath

Stinky bad breath is an annoying health condition for the foul-mouthed individual and the people he talks to. While bad breath can be a temporary or chronic medical problem, what about one's breath after a few drinks? Scroll below to learn how to get rid of the smell of alcohol on your breath.
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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Picture the scene. There's a party next door. You just had a beer or two. Suddenly you get a call. Your boss needs some urgent paperwork and is waiting outside your house. You rush out, go home, get him the papers and hand them to him in his car. He raises his eyebrow and gives you a dirty look. His wife waiting in the car, wrinkles her nose in disgust. Then your boss tells you in a firm and stern tone, "Don't overdo it alright, remember you need to work tomorrow". They drive away, you are left scratching your head on the sidewalk.

Why the funny looks and the warning? You can thank that 1 or 2 bottles of beer, you just enjoyed. Alcohol leaves an odor. A very smelly one and it sticks to you, long after the bottle is over. For such embarrassing situations, where you need to smell sober fast, a few useful techniques are explained below. Do not think the following methods will fool a law enforcement officer and a breath analyzer test. Once alcohol has chemically entered the bloodstream, a sample of blood will show its presence or a breathalyzer can pick up its chemical traces from the mouth. Actually if you are sloshed, you probably won't remember how to get rid of your alcohol stained breath in time. So if you drink and drive, you pay the price and will end up getting caught, no matter how sweet you smell.

The following tips and tricks to get the smell of alcohol off your breath are not meant to be followed in any order. Try to keep some of the mentioned items at hand, so in case you need to have fresh breath fast, you have something to use.

Brush the Smell Away
To get rid of the raw obvious smell of 1 or 2 (or maybe more) beers or drinks, get brushing. Brush your teeth at least 3 times and spend 5 minutes on each brush. Try to use strong smelling toothpaste, something minty or herbal. Floss your teeth well. Then gargle your mouth with some strongly scented mouthwash to leave an obvious but not alcoholic smell. Try to use alcohol-free mouthwash, not because of the smell but the mouthwash can dehydrate you even more, since it also contains alcohol.

Chew on Some Gum
Chewing gum normally smells, especially fruit-flavored gum. So always keep a pack of gum handy. The more the flavor, the stronger the smell, the better it works on your breath. Strawberry, banana, peppermint, menthol... pick a flavor and start chewing. Try to pick a gum with a tart and sour taste, this works faster in releasing a smell. Chew 2-3 strips or cubes of gum rapidly, just to fill your mouth with the smell. Even cough drops or throat lozenges can help in hiding the smell. The motion of chewing means you produce spit, which helps in making your mouth moist. Alcohol odor is at its most potent when your mouth is dry.

Eat Something Smelly
How to hide alcohol breath emanating from you? Replace it with something equally offensive in odor. Eating a strong smelling food item or dish is the ideal way to disguise your alcoholic breath at a gathering or party. Something with a lot of garlic or onions or tomato ketchup or spices and herbs will replace the smell of alcohol or at least try to cover it. Salted nuts and finger snacks will also do. For immediate action, eat some raw onion. Food not only cuts down on the odor, it helps in absorbing the alcohol from your system. Drinking while eating, ensures you do not get high or drunk, as the food soaks up the liquid. Plus your stomach is now lined with something and can handle the alcohol better.

Drink Smart
Even while drinking, you can cut down on the alcoholic odor by picking the right drinks. Here's how:
  • Keep drinking water. Water will help in moisturizing your alcohol-dried mouth and a moist mouth does not smell as bad as a dry one.
  • Coffee or tea are two beverages that can replace the alcoholic smell from your mouth.
  • Drink smart. Do not drink aromatic cocktails and mixes. These drinks give off an alcoholic odor along with a fruity or zesty aroma.
  • Vodka is said to be the most odorless of spirits and leaves practically no scent behind. If you are trying to hide the aroma of alcohol, pick a vodka drink over beer or whiskey.
  • Avoid mixing your drinks, that is, avoid having whiskey and beer, then a cocktail, then gin. Each alcoholic spirit has a unique smell. Drinking all sorts of alcoholic spirits can leave your mouth smelling like a liquor cabinet!
Clean Yourself Up
You do whatnot to clean your breath up, so breath-wise you are safe from being caught drinking. But you have forgotten that alcohol gives off an odor from the clothes you are wearing and even your hair. So all your attempts to erase the fact that you have been drinking, comes to naught, as with your smelly clothes, it's very obvious you've been drinking. So take a shower for a nice, clean soapy smell. Then change your clothes. Clothes smell of anywhere they have been, outdoors, indoors, smoking, a party, etc. So wear clean new clothes to smell fresh and then splash on some cologne or deodorant as an extra measure. Normally it is difficult to shower and change, especially when you need fresh sweet breath in a hurry, so keep a bottle of perfume stashed away. Dab some on after drinking, to help reduce the raw alcohol smell.

If you drink a lot of booze and drink it daily, you will end up with a permanent alcohol odor. You may need to seek professional help and use medication to get rid of that sort of breath. Because with chronic bad breath, no amount of remedies will work. In summation, drink such that you remain in control, do not let the alcohol control you.
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