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Relax! This is How You Can Get a Ring Off a Swollen Finger

How to Get a Ring Off a Swollen Finger
Rings are a reminder of our precious love. On the other side, it can also remind us of the pain it causes when it gets stuck on the finger. WellnessKeen gives you a few handy solutions on how to get a ring off your swollen finger.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
Did You Know?
Apart from weight gain/loss, the temperature also affects the looseness or tightness of our rings. During cold weather, our fingers shrink, making the fit of the ring loose, and vice versa.
There are ways to remove a ring off the finger, but why not take precautions much before it actually happens? Let's start from the time you buy a ring. Take the weather effect into consideration while buying. If you're buying a ring in summer, then buy a ring that just fits properly or just a little tight. This won't let your ring become loose in the winters, and vice versa. You should also consider your weight fluctuations while buying it. Also, pregnant women should notice and remove it before it gets too tight. Always remember to take the ring out even if it gets tighter than usual. Precautions are always better!
Methods to Remove the Ring
Try to Turn it and Remove
Woman removing ring
This method can only be used when there is nothing serious about the finger. If it has just become tight, you can try to move it. Just make sure that you do not pull it out with a lot of force. It will cause swelling even if it's not there.
Use a Lubricant
Petroleum jelly
Use a lubricant so that the ring can come out easily. There are many products that you can use, the most common being soap water, hand lotions, or oil. You have to be careful if you have cut your skin, so choose the lubricant wisely. The ones you can use are:
  • Windex (it is safe on the skin and is used widely for this purpose).

  • Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly (best if you're hurt, as it will heal the pain).

  • Hair shampoos or conditioners (read the bottle carefully).

  • Butter or cooking spray
Spray or gently spread the lubricant around the ring and try turning and pulling out the ring slowly.
Use Cold Water
This is one of the best methods and will give you relief from the pain and swelling too. Keep your swollen finger in cold water for sometime. (Do not use ice-cold water as it will worsen the situation; your finger will go numb and the pain can worsen. So just use cool water). You must have noticed that rings are loose in the winters and tight in the summers. This works as the ring might come off.
Use Dental Floss
Dental floss
You can use a dental floss or thread because it is slim and can fit between the finger and the ring. Use a pair of pliers to slide the string under the ring. Then, wind it around evenly, past the knuckle towards the tip. Now, find the starting point and start unwinding. As it unwinds, you'll see the ring also coming off with it.
Cutting Method
The last option would be cutting the ring. You can cut the ring yourself if you have the equipment, but you have to take utmost care. Put a toothpick and separate the ring and your finger. Then gently try to cut it. Or best, go to the nearest jewelry store or emergency rooms, and get the ring cut. If your ring gets damaged in the process, you can always get it repaired from the jeweler.
After the ring comes out, apply some cream to your finger for it to heal, and take care so that the next time never comes!