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How to Improve Blood Circulation

Ujwal Deshmukh Nov 24, 2018
Proper blood circulation plays a vital role in maintaining sound health in any living being. Read on to know about some ways to enhance the flow of blood in the body.
Blood circulation is a part of the circulatory process of the human body system. A smooth flow of blood is necessary for the proper functioning of all the body organs. A poor blood circulation can lead to many health problems such as pain in the muscles while walking or swelling of the body joints.
Some of the most common causes are asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, etc. But if you are wondering how to improve blood circulation, then let me tell you, it is not that difficult. In fact, it can be done with the help of some exercises and making some alterations in your lifestyle. So are you ready to do it? Then read on.


Well, there is no alternative to exercise. Whatever you eat for good health, you need to complement with regular exercises. Take a walk, everyday in the morning or perform aerobic exercises.
Yoga is another useful exercise for improving blood circulation. Headstand, a part of the yoga regimen, is another exercise which can prove useful for improving the circulation of blood and keep your body fit. Headstands also provide nourishment to the pituitary glands and the pineal glands of the brain.


Although exercises are very important to improve the blood circulation, most of us cannot fit them in our daily schedule. There are many dietary options that can help you increase the circulation. Some of them are discussed here.


May not sound tasty, but garlic works. It often happens that plaque gathers in the veins and blocks the blood flow. Garlic prevents plaque from accumulating in the blood and improves its circulation.


Bioflavonoids and the vitamin C content of oranges, help to enhance poor blood circulation, by increasing the strength of the capillary walls.


It is fact that though watermelons are sweet and tastier than raw garlic, they perform the same function that a garlic does. They also restrict the accumulation of plaque with the help of the lycopene content in them and contribute to improved flow of blood.

Seeds of Pumpkin

Many people suffer from blood disorders such as formation of blood clots which hinder the smooth flow of blood, but eating pumpkin seeds can actually prevent clot formation and also decrease the 'thickness' of blood.


Lifestyle change! Might sound a bit difficult to follow, as leaving (bad) old habits is not that easy. But, if you really wish to have healthy blood flow, you need to sacrifice a bit! Most people have complaints about poor blood circulation because of obesity. This metabolic disorder is caused due to unhealthy living style.
But you can overcome it, by performing regular exercises and having a healthy diet that strictly excludes fast food. Smoking is another common reason for bad blood circulation. Smoking has been associated with a host of other illnesses as well. So why continue it. Just give up smoking!
Consult a doctor before opting for any treatment, exercise or diet plans to improve your blood circulation. He will be able to guide you properly and may even prescribe you appropriate medications for improving blood circulation.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.