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How to Increase Body Temperature

Sometimes we suffer a drop in the body temperature and there comes a need to increase it. In the following article, we will look through some of the ways of increasing the same. Read on...
WellnessKeen Staff
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
I have hated walking out in the dead of the winter to get the groceries or whatever. Why? 'Coz I do not like the feeling of a cold, cold nose, freezing hands and the complete loss of sensation in my toes. No, thank you. But then go out one must. So, is suffering through it the only choice left? Not in the least. So what if you get cold? There are simple and easy ways to increase the body temperature, and you know that once you increase the body temperature, the cold will vanish, warmth will take over and you'll be left feeling normal again. Before that though, you need to know what some symptoms of a low body temperature are, so that you can get on to remedying the same.
Increasing Body Temperature Naturally
A lowered temperature is something that many suffer from and that is why there is a need to know the ways of increasing the same. How is one to go about it?
Good old exercising is one of the simplest and most effective ways of getting the body temperature soaring higher than what it is and bringing in the needed effect. When one starts exercising, the heart rate raises and allows for the blood to course through the body in order to circulate the oxygen evenly throughout. What exercise are we talking about? Anything. You could stand in one place and jog or you could take a few rounds around the living area or go up and down the staircase in super speed. The point is to get moving and keep moving for sometime.
Then there are foods that increase body temperature as well and thank God for that. Think about it. I'm sure you've eaten something and started feeling hot and sweating. That right there is the way the body temperature raising. So what are these foods? Peppers, chillies, ginger and spices like cinnamon or having anything that is spicy and pungent is bound to get you feeling hot all over. While these are the more instant reaction foods, there are others that you might not really peg as able to increase body temperature, but that's exactly what they do. Carbohydrates for one is an essential mineral that you should include in your daily diet. Along with that, consuming hot beverages is also another option that you can tap.
Simple huh? It really is. All you do is add a few more layers of clothing and you're all set to welcome the heat back into the body. The added layers will help in protecting the body and the external factors will not affect one as much.
Warm Baths...
This is another very effective way of getting the body temperature going higher. All you do is soak your body in hot water (the temperature that you can tolerate) and stay there for sometime. The temperature will raise in no time.
Obviously this is not something that everyone can use and they shouldn't either. Alcohol is known to increase the temperature of the body almost instantly. That is why you find that people in cold countries make use of this method to keep themselves from freezing.
Getting Physical...
Getting physical, even if it does not involve going all the way and completing the act, is another very effective way of getting the blood pumping through the body. After all it is another variation to exercising and therefore the benefits of exercising carry through here as well.
Massaging the skin with essential oils and rubbing it down in circular motions can be made use of as well. It has proved to be very, very effective.
There could be many reasons for why low body temperature may come about. While you need to know what these are, it is more important for one to know how to increase body temperature. With all these solutions discussed in this article, that should no longer be a problem, right?
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Woman taking bath
Spices with hot beverages
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