How to Increase Metabolism After Quitting Smoking

After quitting smoking, the possibility of gaining weight increases. If you wish to learn how to increase metabolism after quitting smoking, then read the following article...
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Deciding to quit smoking is one of the toughest and healthiest things you can do. This step gives you the chance to lead an independent lifestyle where you're not constantly worrying about your health and can actually find solace. Quitting smoking has many health benefits like improved blood circulation, blood pressure and pulse rate lowers down and becomes normal, your energy level increases, vision gets better by almost 20%, risk of heart attacks and cancers reduces, and your stamina increases as well. Apart from these benefits, quitting smoking has emotional and mental benefits as well. You can take back control of your life and can make decisions that will help you get back on track.
Even though there are lots of benefits to quitting smoking, most individuals are concerned about gaining weight over a period of time. When people smoke, the nicotine present in the cigarettes stimulates the nervous system that aids in using energy. After this supply of nicotine is stopped, the metabolism rate slows down, and that triggers weight gain. Now fortunately, you can slow down the weight gain (there will be some amount of weight gain) and increase your metabolism rate. To find out how you can increase metabolism after quitting smoking, read the following section properly.
Quit Smoking, Increase Metabolism
  • What to Eat - Begin your mornings with a healthy breakfast; don't skip it. Include fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, low-fat dairy products, poultry, foods low in fat and sugars, low-calorie beverages, and grain products in your diet. Many times, people substitute the urge to smoke with eating. Don't make this mistake. If you feel the need to smoke, wait, don't eat just yet, and once that feeling subsides, then eat. This way, you will keep the calorie intake low. To know what you should include in your diet, contact your doctor so that he/she can plan a food pyramid especially for you.
  • Eat Sensibly - After you've quit smoking, your appetite will subsequently increase. Which is why, you have to be very careful as to not eat heavy meals. Eat small meals, but after every 3 hours. It is necessary to change your diet and eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. This way, you will stay full, won't have the need to eat more, and can keep the weight off. Gorging on junk foods and eating heavier meals will only set you back from the goal.
  • Physical Activities - Engaging in physical activities is different from going to the gym and working out. What I mean here is that being active and keeping yourself occupied with chores and work is what will help you in the long run. Involve yourself in outdoor activities like gardening, hiking, rollerblading, swimming, biking, and other sports activities. These activities will work in your favor by burning calories and eliminating the urge to smoke again.
  • Exercise is Must - Apart from the physical activities mentioned above, you should also give the entire body a total workout. Do cardio and aerobic exercises, weightlifting, Pilates, and yoga. All these exercises help concentrate various muscles groups and make them leaner and tougher. This way, your metabolism rate will increase and you will have energy that lasts through the day.
  • Rest your Mind - Finding mental and emotional peace is also necessary. You are on your feet all day at work and taking care of responsibilities at home. It can take a toll on anyone and needless to say, sometimes the entire process of leading a healthier lifestyle backfires. Just so that this never happens with you, slow things down a bit whenever you feel like it's getting too difficult for you to handle. Calm your nerves down and start again.
The above mentioned steps are very important, and have to be followed properly. If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts, consult with your doctor. As he/she has your complete medical history, the doctor will be well-suited to provide you with necessary advice.
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