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Wise Advice on How to Look After a Sick Friend

How to Look After a Sick Friend
It feels great to have someone forgo everything else for sometime just to look after you because you are sick. But, are your prepared to return the favor? You must know the right ways to take care of your sick friend and play a good nurse.
Urvashi Pokharna
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Being sick can leave you feeling helpless and weak. If your friend has fallen sick, this is the right time to prove the bond of your friendship. You should take care of him/her. But, do you know how to look after a friend who is sick or unwell? I am guessing you are not sure of what to do. It is alright. Your willingness to be a good caregiver is enough to help you nurse your friend back to health. I have got some tips so you can do it the right way and help him/her recover fast.
"If you treat a sick child like an adult and sick adult like a child, everything works out pretty well." ~ Ruth Carlisle
Caring for a Sick Friend
Taking Care of sick friend
➽ First of all, your friend really needs your love and support. By creating a happy and positive environment, you will help them heal quickly. So, never forget to smile when you are around him/her, and always talk about the happy stuff, the kind of things that lightens the mood.
Spending time with sick friend
➽ Rent a DVD of a comedy movie and watch it with your friend to cheer up his/her mood. Some good movie suggestions are; The Hangover, Date Night, Get Smart, Hitch, Grown Ups, Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express and The Green Hornet.

➽ You can also bring them a few magazines if reading does not cause any unnecessary strain to their health. You may invite another friend over to give them company. A board game is also a good idea.
➽ Bring them fluids like homemade soups, protein shakes, juices and ginger tea. Don't buy food from outside, they might fall even more sick. Keep them hydrated as they must have lost electrolytes, making them feel weaker.
➽ Make sure your friend is using clean and sanitized bed linen and clothes. Offer to help them do their laundry by taking it to the nearest laundromat. Use an antibacterial solution along with the detergent.
Friends giving fruits to ill friend
➽ A sick person tends to lose appetite for food. Make sure you feed them at least thrice a day with light food like porridge, a chicken sandwich, egg salad, mashed potatoes or an apple. Do not add cheese or butter. Limit caffeine intake as well.
➽ Help your friend stay clean and germ free by assisting with a sponge bath with lukewarm water.

➽ Keep your hands clean, wash them frequently with an antibacterial hand wash and use a sanitizer too. This will ensure that you do not bring bacteria from outside that may worsen his/her condition. Also, it will keep you away from getting sick too.
Friends with sick person
➽ Get them checked by a physician or any other doctor appropriate to treat their health ailment. Also, you must get them the required medication and make sure they take the medicines on time. Ask the doctor for any special precautions to be taken.
➽ Call in and inform their workplace or college or school that they are too sick to attend to their commitments for the day. If need be, request the authorities to extend their sick leave in case of slow recovery.

➽ Aid in physiotherapy if your friend has been injured in an accident and received fatal physical injuries.
➽ Sickness can make you feel run down. You need to help your friend get some fresh air. It could be a walk in the lawn or just relaxing in the balcony for a while to breathe some fresh oxygen.

➽ Keep a check of their blood pressure. If they complain of any discomfort, get a checkup done.

➽ Do not administer any medications without the prior approval of a physician.
Do you know? Russell Brand once missed a performance in the British Comedy Awards show in London to take care of his friend who was unwell. That's the true spirit of friendship, selfless love. At all times, make sure that your care is heartfelt and not out of any obligation. Saying a healing prayer for the sick may also help bring them back to health. Sickness may be accompanied by vomiting and drooling. Be prepared for the challenges of nursing someone. Be patient. Your friend may be feeling helpless and depressed. Do not make them feel like they are dependent on you. Instead, let your friend know that you are there for them.