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How to Plan a Funeral

How to Plan a Funeral
When death comes knocking on the door of a loved one, all we can do is try to celebrate the life of the dearly departed. Planning a funeral can save you from last-minute fumbles and help ease the situation.
Mukta Gaikwad
How to Plan a Funeral
If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.
Funerals are the final goodbyes. It's the last time you'd do something for the deceased person. So, you've got to do it well. You really have to gather all your strength amidst the emotional turmoil and plan a decent funeral. However, planning a funeral is not only an emotional upheaval, but a financial one too. Thus, planning a memorial service, can be a daunting task.
Planning in Advance
Planning is the essential step towards making the funeral reminiscent of the lost loved one. If you have a family member, who has a life-limiting ailment for long, then planning the funeral in advance is very much possible. Taking decisions in sober state of mind is easier as compared to a grieving state of mind. There are a few people, who plan their own funerals too. So, if you really care for your loved ones, pay for it beforehand, to prevent them from a smothering debt, once they are gone.
Funeral Costing
As mentioned earlier, funerals are quite expensive. Thus, if you pay for it earlier, it would save your bereaved family from great financial burdens. Setting money aside, for the memorial services is the best way of saving up for the funeral. You can ask your bank manager, to make a 'payable on death' account for you. This way you can name a beneficiary, to avoid confusion at a later stage.
Wishes and Preferences
It is important that you know the wishes and preferences of the principal mourners, because it's not possible for the mourners to take decisions, immediately after death. Thus, if you have an ailing family member, talk to your family about it. Couple of religions, have certain rites and rituals to be followed, which have to be made clear, to avoid any future discrepancies.
Funeral Directors
Getting fleeced during the funeral service and thereafter, is no tribute to the deceased. Make a few calls to funeral directors, to know the funeral prices. You can ask for quotations for the service, before making a deal. Getting the best deal for a memorial service, will also make the process of obtaining the death certificate easy. The funeral home staff will help you out with the remaining formalities, such as writing and submitting an obituary. The director, will also assist you to get a clergy member for the service.
Flowers or Donations
Get in touch with a florist, send away the unused flowers, since they are useless otherwise. Another option, to avoid an avalanche of flowers is to ask your guests and attendees to donate lieu of flowers. For this, you will have to get in touch in charity homes, orphanages, and hospitals.
Funeral Checklist
  • Choosing a funeral process, such as a burial, cremation, or entombment. This will depend on the religion you follow.
  • Making a guest list.
  • Picking a location of the funeral service.
  • Appointing a person for eulogy to be delivered at the time of the funeral service.
  • Picking songs to be played at the funeral.
  • Choosing the funeral flowers for the service.
Planning a funeral is not an easy task, but it can be done perfectly well with some guidance. Hope this article helps you in planning the most memorable funeral for your loved one. Take care!