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Want to Get a Flat Belly? Find How to Remove Stomach Fat

How to Remove Stomach Fat
Many people struggle to lose stomach fat and sport a flat stomach. The thumb rules to get rid of belly fat are a proper diet plan, healthy eating habits and cardio exercise.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Everyone prefers to have a flat stomach. In addition to the unpleasant appearance resulted from excess belly fats, it may pose serious health conditions. Belly fat increases the risk of inflammation and hardening of blood vessels. Considering this, people having accumulated fats in the midsection for a prolonged duration are at a higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart problems. Hence, it is very essential to lose stomach fats.

The chances of developing belly fats are more in people who indulge on eating excess fatty foods and drinking beers. Generally, women, following their pregnancy, tend to put on more belly fats. As far as the best ways to remove fat are concerned, there are no magic tips as such. Experts say that a specific diet plan or a particular exercise is not effective to target belly fats only. On the brighter side, stomach fats are the first to get rid of while losing weight.
How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat
As per statistics, about 99 percent of individuals who have lost weight successfully, lose stomach fat prior to losing fats in the other body parts. Also, it is observed that the upper body part loses more weight in comparison to the lower portion. It is due to the fact that the type of fat in the waistline is visceral fat, which is easier to lose than the fats located under the skin (subcutaneous fat). Hence, with proper ways for fat removing, one can sport a flat stomach.
Cook Your Own Food
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Those who want to get rid of stomach fat are often attracted towards fad diets or crash diets. But remember, they are good for short-term results. Moreover, these diet plans can cause deficiency of important nutrients and can lead to several health problems. To lose tummy fat fast, you should follow a balanced and healthy diet. Your diet should be high in protein and fibers, moderate in carbohydrates and low in fats and sodium. Make a habit of cooking your food in less oil. Avoid overeating or over-consumption of calories. Your meals should include foods that burn fats, for example, apples, citrus fruits, chilies, pulses, cinnamon, cucumbers, ginger, asparagus, and tomatoes. Including home-made food in your diet can help control the daily calorie intake.
Include Whole Grains in Your Diet
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One of the best ways for removing stomach fat is adding adequate amounts of whole grain foods in the diet plan, rather than consuming refined grains. Studies have been conducted on people who consumed the same diet, but with different grain servings. In one group whole grains were given with fruits, vegetables and other food items; whereas the same diet with refined grains was served in another group. The outcome is that participants consuming whole grains lose belly fat more than the others.
Change Eating Habits
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In addition to the foods that are included in the diet plan, what is equally important is the timing and frequency of eating. No doubt, serving a large meal at a time is the key factor for gaining excess fat. The logic behind this is that the body does not get time to covert the fats into energy. In order to avoid such a condition, you can consume less servings frequently. Instead of 2 large meals, you can have 4-5 smaller meals per day. This will speed up your metabolism. Your body will burn more calories and store less fat. Having 4-5 meals during a day will keep you satiated and help you stay away from junk food. Reduce the intake of sugar, sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks. Incorporate low glycemic fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean protein foods, whole grain cereals, beans, legumes, fish, low-fat versions of dairy products and small amounts of healthy fats (like olive oil) in your regular diet. Drink lots of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses, in a day. Water is essential for the health of the cells. It aids in digestion. It works as a detoxifying agent and as an appetite suppressant. Do not skip your meals and have a heavy breakfast.
Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat
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In contrast to many people's views about removing stomach fat, spot exercise is not effective for getting rid of belly fats. Even if you perform several rounds of crunches or abdominal exercise daily, you are not going to flatten your stomach. Nevertheless, you can strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles with spot exercise. While speaking about the exercises to lose belly fat, performing moderate physical activities for about 45-50 minutes, 4 to 6 times a week, is sufficient to effectively remove fat from stomach. The more time you indulge on rigorous cardio exercise (like brisk walking, cycling, running, jogging, etc.) and aerobic exercise, the faster you will lose belly fats. Remember, skipping a few days in between will only mean you start all over again. You can increase the duration and intensity of the exercise gradually, as your stamina increases. Do not forget to perform 5-10 minutes warm-up exercises before you begin with your exercise regime
Adopt Lifestyle Changes
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Be active and avoid use of locomotives for short distances. Prefer taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. Walk as much as you can and avoid driving your vehicle for short distances. Avoid late night dinners and heavy food at night. You should enjoy your dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed. There are certain lifestyle changes that can indirectly help you to lose tummy fat. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Stop smoking and avoid taking too many medications. You should stay away from all those things which lead to hormone imbalance and obesity. Yoga, meditation, music, leisurely walk, sports activities, vacations, sufficient sleep, etc. help lower stress, an unavoidable factor of modern life. Excessive stress can result in hormonal imbalance and obesity. So, leading a stress-free lifestyle is important, if you want to shed those extra pounds.
Last but not the least, the best way to lose belly fat is to follow the above tips from today itself. Many times, we tend to postpone things until the day comes, when it is too late to correct. Be patient and inculcate healthy lifestyle changes to lose stomach fats effectively. Losing stomach fats not only improves your appearance and general health, but you will also become more confident with yourself.